Peltor NATO Wired In-Line PTT Adaptor Cables

nato wiring ptt

These radio adapter cables are specifically designed for NATO wired Peltor Headsets or downleads only and provide two-way communications. Peltor Wired In-Line PTT Adapter Cables are palm-activated and waterproof to meet military and SWAT specifications. These adapter cables can be used with the Peltor Ring-FInger PTT when selecting 'auxiliary jack' option. We carry a wide selection of radio adapter cable for Peltor ComTac II, SwatTac II, Comtact II Military series, Motorola radios, Kenwood radios, Icom radios, Ericsson radio and E.F. Johnson radios. Contact our customer service team for assistance in finding the correct Peltor Wire In-Line PTT Adapter Cables for you.

Peltor tactical electronic headsets provide clear and reliable two-way communications to military and SWAT personnel. Comtac II and SwatTac II series headsets come standard with NATO wiring and a waterproof housing that can be worn with PASGT, MICH and ACH helmet systems.

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