High Visibility Rainwear

High Visibility Rainwear

Be compliant with federal standards and gear up with our ANSI rainsuits, available in both high visibility lime and orange. Great for highway road crews, airline employees, railroad workers, sanitation crews, police, and anyone who works in dangerous situations, our high visibility rain gear will keep you dry and seen. Find a full selection of high visibility rain gear from brands like Tingley, Occunomix, Comfort-Brite and more. We are positive you will find the right hi-vis, reflective rain gear that best fits your application and budget.

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Rain & Workplace Hazards

Slick Surfaces

There are two issues that lead to rain-related accidents at the workplace. First, water can cling to almost any surface, making them extremely slippery. This slickness is even more profound when water mixes with chemicals or oils that may be on the ground or on equipment, such as that which is often present on roadways or construction sites. Water can also soak through the workers' clothing, causing body temperatures to drop and could lead to pneumonia (in extreme situations).

Limited Visibility

The second risk presented by rain is visibility, in particular, the limited field of vision that occurs when operating heavy equipment or working around roadways, both active and inactive. The amount of light that is reduced in the presence of storm clouds is tremendous, and high visibility is a must in inclement weather. With this reduction of light, the distance at which workers can be seen, either by each other or drivers, is reduced greatly. High visibility rain gear helps to improve this hazardous situation. By using reflective fabrics, mandated by ANSI and OSHA regulations, workers can reduced and even prevent accidents. Fortunately, Enviro Safety Products carries high visibility, reflective rain gear to keep you protected during both drizzles and downpours while working.

ANSI High Visibility Standards

Protect your workers and yourself. The ANSI 107 standard is the uniform, authoritative guide for the design, performance specifications, and use of high visibility clothing. The standard classifies hi-vis clothing into three types, classes, and colors.

Classes of High Visibility Clothing

  • Class 1 – This kind of high visibility clothing is for workers who are well separated from traffic and nearby vehicles traveling at speeds of less than 25 mph. It's ideal for warehouse workers, parking lot attendants, delivery vehicle drivers, roadside/sidewalk maintenance workers, and shopping cart retrievers.
  • Class 2 – This variety is meant for workers who work near roadways where cars travel at speeds of 25-50 mph. It's ideal for roadway construction workers, utility workers, survey crews, law enforcement, school crossing guards, airport baggage handlers, railway workers, and emergency response personnel.
  • Class 3 – This includes high visibility clothing intended for workers who work in high-risk situations. This level of protection allows them to be seen from a minimum distance of 1,280 feet. Class 3 gear is also great for those who work near cars traveling at speeds exceeding 50 mph and is especially ideal for roadway construction workers, utility workers, survey crews, and emergency response personnel.