Honeywell Safety Products

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Honeywell Safety Products Here you’ll find advanced protective equipment from Honeywell, including full face respirators, PAPRs, specialized chemical filters, lifelines, and hoods, all at great prices. There are also great lines of glasses, hard hats, more basic respirators, and much more! Shop all the Honeywell brands including Miller Fall Protection, Uvex, North, and Survivair.
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  1. Honeywell LK108-LockoutTagout Kit


  2. Honeywell LSE101F Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Station


  3. Honeywell HW100 ADF Welding Helmet Complete Helmet with Shade 10 ADF Black

    SKU: HONHW100

    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $99.99
  4. Honeywell North® 019740-0027L White Plastic 24 Person Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit 5/Case

    SKU: HON019740-0027L

    Special Price $204.99 Regular Price $235.99
  5. Honeywell 019701-0001L10 Person First AId Kit, Bulk, Steel

    SKU: NOR019701-0001L

    Special Price $42.99 Regular Price $47.19
  6. Honeywell Z193106 Saccharin Solution

    SKU: HONZ193106

  7. Honeywell LSE104F Yellow Complete Lockout Station


  8. Honeywell North® 019747-0033L White Plastic 10 Person Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit 10/Case

    SKU: HON019747-0033L

    Special Price $310.00 Regular Price $353.99
  9. Honeywell KHG5001 Black SmoothLok protected mount North Large Crown Headgear

    SKU: HONKHG5001

    Special Price $15.49 Regular Price $16.80
  10. Welders Burn Kit

    SKU: NOR019726-0013L

  11. Redi-Care Promo First Aid Kit

    SKU: NOR018503-4219

    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $19.99
  12. Food Service Burn Kit

    SKU: NOR019728-0015L

  13. 6' x 5' Fire Blanket in Canister

    SKU: NOR049020

  14. Mounting Bracket for Fire Blanket

    SKU: NOR049010

  15. Redi-Care Small First Aid Kit

    SKU: NOR018502-4220

  16. Utility Burn Kit

    SKU: NOR019725-0012L

  17. General Purpose Burn Kit

    SKU: NOR019727-0014L

  18. Heat Shield in Canister

    SKU: NOR049040

    Special Price $258.99 Regular Price $299.99
  19. North Bulk First Aid Kit - 10 Person

    SKU: NOR019700-0001L

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