Infectious Disease Protection

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The world is a much smaller place, and a much larger place at the same time. With 7 Billion people on the earth, airline flights to most anywhere on the globe in under 24 hours diseases have more of a chance to spread quickly than ever before. In the flu pandemic of 1918 involving the H1N1 influenza virus, 3 to 5% of the worlds population succumbed to the virus, and this was in an age without quick air, train and vehicle travel that could spread these diseases far more completely and rapidly than ever before. However, the world is also much cleaner, and much more technologically advanced. We know more about how disease works, and we have products that can help prevent infection and the spread of disease. These products are available at Enviro Safety and can become part of your safety regimen at work or at home

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  1. Ansell Microflex® Ultraform® UF-524 Disposable Nitrile Gloves 30 Boxes/Case

    SKU: ANSUF-524

    Special Price $339.74 Regular Price $431.24
  2. Ansell Microchem® AlphaTec® 2000 COMFORT Model 129 Coveralls 25/Case

    SKU: ANSWH20-B-92-129‬

    Special Price $110.99 Regular Price $115.99
  3. Ansell Microchem® AlphaTec® 2300 PLUS - Model 132 Hooded Coverall 25/Case

    SKU: ANS‭YY23-T-92-132‬

    Special Price $407.99 Regular Price $499.99
  4. Ansell Microchem® AlphaTec® 1500 PLUS FR Model 111 Hooded Coverall 25/Case

    SKU: ANSNR17-S-92-111

    Special Price $150.99 Regular Price $159.99
  5. Ansell Microchem® by AlphaTec® 1500 PLUS FR Model 103 Coverall 25/Case

    SKU: ANSNR17-S-92-103‬

    Special Price $145.99 Regular Price $159.99
  6. Ansell Microchem by AlphaTec 2300 Standard Model 111 Hooded Coveralls 25/Case

    SKU: ANS‭YY23-B-92-111‬

    Special Price $205.99 Regular Price $214.99
  7. Ansell Microchem® by AlphaTec® 2300 ‭YY23-B-92-103‬ Standard Model 103 Coveralls 25/Case

    SKU: ANSYY23-B-92-103‬

    Special Price $187.99 Regular Price $199.99
  8. Ansell MicroChem® by AlphaTec® 1800‭ WH18-B-92-107‬ Model 107 Coveralls 25/Case

    SKU: ANSWH18-B-92-107‬

    Special Price $91.49 Regular Price $99.99
  9. Ansell Microchem® by AlphaTec® 2000 WH20-B-92-111 Hooded Coverall 25/Case

    SKU: ANSWH20-B-92-111

    Special Price $104.99 Regular Price $199.99
  10. Ansell Microchem® by AlphaTec® 2000 WH20-B-92-107 Hooded Coverall 25/Case

    SKU: ANSWH20-B-92-107

    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $199.99
  11. Ansell Microchem® by AlphaTec® 1800 Comfort- Model 195 25/Case

    SKU: ANSWN18-B-92-195‬

    Special Price $107.49 Regular Price $115.99
  12. Ansell L85 Mega Pro Latex Exam Gloves

    SKU: ANSL85

    As low as $19.34
  13. Ansell MicroFlex 93-260 Disposable Glove (50/Box)

    SKU: ANS93-260-BX

  14. Ansell Microflex XC-310 Xceed Disposable Glove (250/Box)

    SKU: ANSXC-310

    As low as $0.00
  15. Microflex Supreno SE SU-690 Disposable Gloves (100/Box)

    SKU: ANSSU-690

    As low as $0.00
  16. Microflex MK-296 Midknight Black Disposable Glove 4.7 Mil (100/Box)

    SKU: ANSMK-296-BX

    As low as $0.00
  17. Ansell MicroFlex SafeGrip SG-375 Disposable Latex Glove (50/Box)

    SKU: ANSSG-375

    As low as $0.00
  18. White Nitrile Exam Gloves

    SKU: ANSN791

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