The Zombie Apocalypse

Be prepared to brave any variety of the undead with Enviro’s arsenal of zombie apocalypse gear, equipment and protection products. This supply of zombie gear will ensure your survival whether you find yourself surrounded by waddling walkers or fast-moving monsters. Save your skin from flesh-eating foes with heavy duty stainless steel armor, like gloves and tunics, and seal out zombie germs with survival hazmat suits. Each item in this collection is engineered to keep you safely armed for the apocalypse without restricting your mobility. When the undead apocalypse arrives, get in gear to save humanity with this collection of zombie survival equipment and protection from Enviro Safety Products.

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  1. Tychem TK Level A Deluxe Suits

    SKU: LAKTK640

  2. Tychem TK Ecapsulated Suit

    SKU: LAKTK400

  3. Honeywell Stainless Steel Mesh Cropped T-Shirt

    SKU: WHDST200

  4. Tychem TK Level A Standard Suit

    SKU: LAKTK620

  5. Honeywell Stainless Steel Mesh Glove - 3 Finger

    SKU: WHDA513D

  6. Honeywell Whiting + Davis A515 D Stainless Steel Mesh Glove - Full Hand (1 Glove)

    SKU: WHDA515 D

    Special Price $89.99 Regular Price $99.99
  7. Tychem TK Coveralls with Elastic Wrists and Over Boots

    SKU: DUPTK115

    Special Price $219.99 Regular Price $241.99
  8. Honeywell Stainless Steel Mesh Apron - Split Leg

    SKU: WHDA2634 S/L

  9. Tychem TK Encapsulated Suit with Expandable Back

    SKU: LAKTK450

  10. Tychem TK Level A Suits

    SKU: DUPTK645

    Special Price $2,639.99 Regular Price $2,903.99
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16 Items

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