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Lakeland CTL713CS Hood Sterile Cleanroom Garment 100/Case


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Lakeland Clean Sterile Garments Hood – CTL713CS Clean Sterile in Silicone Free Environment • Latex free • Covers shoulders • One size • Ties to customize fit • For critical environments • Individually bagged • Certificate of radiation included • Gamma radiation indicator dots on each package • IPA resistant ink
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Lakeland CTL713CS Hood, side ties to customize fit, covers shoulders, one size fits all Clean Sterile in a Silicone free environment "CleanMax™ Clean Sterile garments are sterile to a sterility assurance level of 10¯⁶ SAL" "CleanMax™ Clean Sterile garments are compatible with ISO Class 5-8 Cleanrooms and all Controlled Environments" CleanMax™ vs. Reusables... which is better? Each time a cleanroom garment is handled, a chance of contamination occurs. A reusable garment goes through steps in the laundering process leading to greater risk of contamination. Clean Sterile Garments and Packaging • Individually packaged to maintain cleanliness • Folded in a way that promotes easier gowning, with less excursions. Wearer can handle only inside of garment during donning progress • Clean manufactured and folded so garments are less wrinkled Key Attributes of CleanMax™ • CleanMax™ offers chemical penetration resistance to oils, bleach and 50% sodium hydroxide • CleanMax™ is resistant to blood and body fluid penetration • Resistant to viral penetration • Resistant to Blood Borne Pathogens. • Garments are folded to allow easier donning • Garments are individually packaged without excessive wrinkling • Packages contain an easy open strip allowing for less handling when donning All CleanMax™ apparel is clean manufactured. CleanMax™ Sterile, goes to a contract irradiation facility for sterilization after it has been manufactured and packaged. Sterilization is obtained through a validated dose of gamma irradiation. Each case and each individual item has a gamma indicator dot on it as a visual indication that the product has been exposed to gamma radiation. CleanMax™ Sterile packages will also have a lot number and date of irradiation on the packaging.
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