Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex gloves provide superior elasticity and tensile strength. Latex disposable gloves are usually worn by those who are not concerned with latex protein allergies. Our selection includes latex medical exam gloves, general purpose gloves, and powdered & powdered free gloves that come in various thicknesses and cuff lengths.We also carry nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves.

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Latex glove for medial facilities and other work application where a barrier is required for protection from liquids, oils or bodily fluids. Disposable latex gloves come in powder and powder-free styles with various thicknesses and cuff lengths to meet your specifications. Medical gloves are found in doctor offices, medical labs, emergency rooms, dentist offices, dermatologist offices and more.

Powder vs. Power-Free
Which type of latex glove do you chose, powder or powder-free? Powder latex gloves contain cornstarch powder which results in a disposable glove that is easier to put on and will reduce the risk of ripping or tearing the glove, but will be problematic for those with latex allergies. Powder-free gloves are the opposite, in that they do not contain powder.

Disposable Glove Materials

Nitrile Gloves - these gloves should be worn by those with latex allergies, since they contain zero latex. Nitrile Gloves are disposable and are commonly found in medical facilities and food handling applications.
Vinyl Gloves - an economical alternative to latex and nitril, these gloves are commonly used in food processing and food handling.
Polyethylene Gloves - these FDA approved gloves for food contact are powder-free and very economical. Commonly found in school cafeterias, dining halls and other food service applications.
Latex Gloves - available in powder or powder-free models, latex gloves offer excellent dexterity to its users and are commonly used in medical applications.