Minuteman X-839 6 Gallon Vacuum

SKU: MINC80106-01

Minuteman X-839 6 Gallon Vacuum
The Minuteman X-839 6 gallon vacuum is designed for heavy-duty commercial work. Although the X-839 Series of vacuums are designed for commercial asbestos cleanup, they are also equally effective in filtering other airborne pollutants such as cement, foundry and kiln dust, insecticides, fertilizer dust, coal dust, and many others. With an efficiency rating of 99.999% for particles 0.12 microns, the X-839 Minuteman Vacuums are perfect for clean up after insulation operations of pipes, in removing asbestos covered ceiling and wall material, and for vehicle maintenance procedures involving brakes, clutches, and other asbestos containing material.

This 6-gallon unit is a convenient size and the stainless steel tank offers excellent durability. The vacuum is designed for dry material pick up only. Includes tool kit and 10' crush proof hose (5" Upholstery Tool, Plastic Tool Adapter, Round Dust Brush and Crevice Tool)
  • Stainless steel tank
  • U.L.P.A. Filter With 99.999% efficiency at .12 microns.
  • Includes 10' hose and tool kit.
  • Snap clamps hold lid securely to tank.
  • Quiet operation With 2-stage heavy duty by-pass motors.
  • Shown With optional wheel kit
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