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NIK 800-6077 Test G - Cocaine, Crack or Free Base, Box of 10

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NIK 800-6077 Test G - Cocaine, Crack or Free Base - Box of 10

An ideal and trusted solution for Law Enforcement Officers out on-duty! The NIK® Polytesting System was designed to rapidly identify substances suspected of being illegal drugs. Featuring a general test and a thorough series of secondary tests, users of the system can presumptively identify major illicit substances. Additionally, new in each of the NIK tests are complete instructions, including the Identidrug™ Chart for a quick reference to guide you through the process of identifying a specific drug.

The NIK Drug Test G Modified Scott Reagent:For the presumptive identification of Cocaine, Crack or Free Base.

Positive Result: Blue or pink with blue speckles after breaking the first ampoule, a pink result after breaking the second ampoule and a pink layer over a blue layer after breaking the third ampoule.

  • Modified Scott Reagent, test for Cocaine, Crack or Free Base
  • Presumptive test for illegal or controlled substances
  • NIK® Pouches come with a loading device to measure the exact amount needed for the testing procedure
  • No need to measure, mix, or dispense reagents
  • 10 Individual Tests per Box


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