NSA Class 00 ArcGuard Rubber Voltage Gloves


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NSA Class 00 ArcGuard Rubber Voltage Gloves
NSA Class 00 ArcGuard Rubber Voltage Gloves Class 00 Rubber Voltage Gloves are available in sizes 8-12 and provide electrical shock protection against a maximum voltage of 500V AC/750V DC. Rubber insulated gloves are one part of necessary arc flash and electrical hazard PPE hand protection.


Fabric/Material: Rubber
Electrically tested and stamped with the initial test date
Newly tested before shipment
Must be put into use within 12 months of test date
Once gloves are issued for use, they must be tested within 6 months from the date they were distributed to employees
Should be worn with 10" leather glove protectors to increase the lifespan of the rubber voltage glove
Leather glove protectors are not required to be marked with a date
Class 00 - Max Use Voltage 500V AC/750V DC
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ManufacturerNational Safety Apparel
Main CategoryWork Gloves
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