PIP Hand Protection

PIP Hand Protection

PIP knows that a worker’s hands are more valuable than any tool, and ably rise to meet the challenge of protecting them with their line of quality industrial gloves. Precision-engineered for a wide variety of applications, PIP’s hand protection addresses such needs as harsh temperatures, dangerous chemicals, trauma resistance, and visibility. They range from heavy-duty high-performance gloves for vibration and impact resistance to lightweight disposable anti-permeation gloves for more quick and casual work.

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  1. PIP G-Tek PolyKor Great White 16-D622 Work Glove 12/Pairs

    SKU: PIP16-D622

    As low as $46.34
  2. PIP G-Tek® PolyKor 16-334 Work Gloves (12 PR)

    SKU: PIP16-334

    Special Price $48.40 Regular Price $56.64
  3. PIP ATG 34-876 MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves - Full Coat Nitrile Micro-Foam - Black Color (1 DZ)

    SKU: PIP34-876

    Special Price $44.99 Regular Price $54.99
  4. PIP ATG 34-874FY MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves - Hi-Vis - Nitrile Micro-Foam - Yellow Color (1 DZ)

    SKU: PIP34-874FY

    Special Price $48.99 Regular Price $79.99
  5. Seamless Knit Merino Wool Glove - 13 Gauge (LARGE) 12 Pairs

    SKU: PIP41-130

    Special Price $49.99 Regular Price $59.99
  6. PIP ATG 34-875 MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves - 3/4 Coat Nitrile Micro-Foam - Gray Color (1 DZ)

    SKU: PIP34-875

    Special Price $44.99 Regular Price $49.99
  7. PIP 147-00-11 Rubber Insulated Electrical Gloves 500 Volt

    SKU: PIP147-00-11

    Special Price $48.79 Regular Price $79.99
  8. PIP G-Tek 16-560 PolyKor Seamless Knit Work Gloves (1 Dozen)

    SKU: PIP16-560

    As low as $47.37
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