Protective Industrial Products has been an independently owned supplier of consumable personal protective equipment (PPE) to industrial distribution for over 30 years. We constantly strive to build our product line with the value proposition of quality, integrity and safety. Our products have been designed and rigorously tested with the utmost safety in mind and we are highly confident in the ability of our products to perform well "at work" and beyond.

Our strategy is a simple one – We have built our business in a way that is based on assisting customers of any type grow their PPE sales through a solutions based approach. Put us to the test! Give us the opportunity to "Bring the Best of the World to You."

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  1. PIP 250-09-0020 Zenon Z-Lyte Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-09-0020-N

  2. PIP 250-99-0901 The Scout Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-99-0901-N

  3. PIP 250-24-0080 Hi-Voltage ARC Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-24-0080-N

  4. PIP 250-EVS-0000 EVOSpec Safety Glasses 100/CS

    SKU: PIP250-EVS-0000-N

  5. PIP 250-28-0000 Adversary Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-28-0000-N

  6. PIP 251-5300-402 Contempo Safety Goggles 50/CS

    SKU: PIP251-5300-402-N

  7. PIP 250-33-1042 Commander Safety Glasses 72/CS

    SKU: PIP250-33-1042-N

  8. PIP 248-4400-300 440 Basic Safety Goggles 144/CS

    SKU: PIP248-4400-300-N

  9. PIP 250-46-0521 Captain Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-46-0521-N

  10. PIP 250-01-0980 Zenon Z12 Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-01-0980-N

  11. PIP 250-53-1024 Squadron Safety Glasses 72/CS

    SKU: PIP250-53-1024-N

  12. PIP 250-71-0002 Tranzmission Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-71-0002-N

  13. PIP 250-12-0275 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses +2.75 72/CS

    SKU: PIP250-12-0275-N

  14. PIP 250-AN-10124 Anser Safety Glasses 144/CS

    SKU: PIP250-AN-10124-N

  15. PIP 250-26-0025 Zenon Z13R Safety Glasses 72/CS

    SKU: PIP250-26-0025-N

  16. PIP 250-26-0015 Zenon Z13R Safety Glasses 72/CS

    SKU: PIP250-26-0015-N

  17. PIP 251-01-6211 JSP Surefit Visor 100/CS

    SKU: PIP251-01-6211-N

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Items 1-20 of 2178

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