3M™ Flap Wheel 244E, 6 in x 2 in x 1 in 80 XE-weight, 5 per case

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Brand3M Abrasives
Main CategoryAbrasives

The Benefits of Flap Wheel Construction
We engineer our 3M™ Flap Wheel 244E by adhering abrasive flaps to a resin filled steel core. Overall, flap brushes minimize the risk for chatter and marks given their unique construction. Under normal use, flaps rotate centrifugally and make continuous contact with the workpiece. By lapping the surface, the flaps eliminate the residual traces or marks that tend to be left by singular discs or discs ganged on a shaft. The abrasive flaps offer a long lasting supply of fresh mineral and a load resistant design. As the flaps spin, they help rid the substrate of unwanted swarf and debris and leave a smooth, brushed finish. 3M™ Flap Wheel 244E may be used with a variety of tools, including a backstand, match and finish sander and a centerless grinder.

Cuts Sharp, Leaves a Fine Finish
Flaps on our 3M™ Flap Wheel 244E contain aluminum oxide mineral. Aluminum oxide is a popular choice among industrial professionals due to its cut rate and long life. Its hardness, strength, and low heat retention make the mineral a good choice in grinding applications. Additionally, it's available in grades 60 120, so operators can choose the right grade for their unique project. Typically, coarser grades (60) are desirable for substrates that require a deeper scratch, whereas finer grades (120) are desirable for substrates that require a soft, fine scratch. Mineral is bonded to the flaps with resin. The resin bond dissolves gradually as the wheel spins; it helps the abrasive withstand heat and stay strong while it works. Abrasives flaps on 3M™ Flap Wheel 244E have an XE weight rayon backing. What this means is that the flaps will be more flexible and resistant to edge wear.

Resulting in Fine, Brushed Finishes
When it comes to descaling, setting the grain, refining or blending workpieces, it's important to have an abrasive that can withstand wear and tear without compromising part geometry. That's where our 3M™ Flap Wheel 244E comes in — producing fine, brushed finishes on soft metals.


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