3M™ 60928 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge/Filter, P100 (Case of 30 Pair)

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Due to the 2019 Coronavirus, unprecedented demand has forced 3M to place respiratory products on global allocation. We are receiving rolling shipments on a continuous basis, and are working with our industrial, healthcare, and governmental partners to fulfill all orders. Please expect a 2-3 month lead time on all orders.
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3M Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge Filter 3MM60928, P100 Respiratory Protection
Respirators are used as a safety device to protect workers from inhaling dangerous substances such as chemicals and infectious particles. Respirators are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment for working in hazardous environments and selecting an appropriate respirator requires an assessment of all the workplace operations, processes or environments that may create a respiratory hazard. By identifying the hazard and its airborne concentrations, workers can determine a proper respirator and correct cartridge and/or filter. This assessment should be done by experienced safety personnel or by an industrial hygienist.

NIOSH approved for certain organic vapors, acid gases and particulates. 3M recommended for use against radioiodine or methyl bromide. Use with 3M Half and Full Facepieces 6000, 7000 and FF-400 Series with bayonet filter holders. While NIOSH does not have a test procedure to certify air purifying filters against radioiodine or methyl bromide, this combination cartridge is recommended by 3M for use against radioiodine or methyl bromide at ambient concentrations up to 5 ppm and for not more than one shift. For more information, see Technical Data Bulletin #146 "Use Recommendations for 3M 60928 Cartridge/Filter." Do not use in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH).


  • Brand: 3M
  • Style: 3M Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge/Filter 60928, P100 Respiratory Protection
  • Gas & Vapor Protection Type: Organic Vapor/Acid Gas
  • Height‎: 3.4 Inch‎
  • Length‎: 4.2 Inch‎
  • NIOSH Cartridge or Filter Assigned Color Coding‎: Magenta/Yellow‎
  • Nuisance Odor Relief (< OSHA PEL)‎: N/A‎
  • Standards/Approvals: Chlorine‎, Chlorine Dioxide‎, Hydrogen Chloride‎, Hydrogen Fluoride‎, Hydrogen Sulfide‎, Organic Vapors‎, P100‎, Sulfur Dioxide‎
  • US Govt Contract Number‎: GS-07F-0374J‎

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