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Enviro Safety Products is your one-stop shop for respirator kits, filter cartridges and headgear. We know how important workplace safety is – and we know how important budgetary constraints are, too. That’s why we carry top quality respirator kits and all their components at the most affordable prices. Our extensive collection of respiratory protection includes kits that are ideal for several applications, from paint spraying and pesticide application to welding and mold remediation. Not sure what you need? Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives at (800)637-6606, and we’ll put you on the right track today.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to reduce respiratory hazards in their workplaces through engineering controls, work practice controls and administrative controls. To stay compliant, employers often install local ventilation systems, change work practices and minimize the amount of time employees are exposed to hazards. In most cases, respiratory hazards remain – and employees need respirator kits to keep them safe.

What OSHA Says about Respiratory Hazards and Respirator Kits

OSHA outlines several respiratory hazards that face employees all over the country, including:

  • oxygen deficiency in confined spaces
  • byproducts of chemical processes, like chlorine gas and anhydrous ammonia
  • infectious agents in healthcare settings
  • solvent vapors from paints, adhesives, cleaning products and other chemicals
  • dust, whether chemical or not
  • sensitizing vapors or dusts, like some epoxies and beryllium
  • pharmaceutical byproducts from producing prescription drugs

When employers cannot entirely remove the respiratory risks in the workplace, OSHA requires them to provide respiratory protection for all employees who will be exposed. Respiratory protection can include surgical-type masks, air-purifying respirators and self-contained breathing apparatuses.

In addition to providing employees with respirator kits or other respiratory protection, employers have to develop, implement and enforce a written program to protect employees. According to OSHA, the program has to be reviewed and updated periodically.

Setting up a Respiratory Protection Program

If your workplace has inherent respiratory hazards that cannot be removed, you’ll need to create and implement a respiratory protection program to stay compliant with OSHA standards. First, learn 29 CFR 1910.134 – that’s OSHA’s Respiratory Protection regulation; make sure you’re familiar with your state and local regulations, as well.

In order to properly evaluate your workplace and determine the levels of exposure your employees will face, you may need to call in an expert. Several private consulting firms provide this service for a fee; however, many respirator kit vendors, industry associations and workers’ compensation carriers will evaluate your workplace at either low or no cost.

Put your respiratory protection program on paper once you’ve evaluated your workplace and selected the right respirator kits. Your program should include the proper respirator kit use and maintenance, and you’ll need to train your employees so they fully understand your program.

Respirator Kits in Your Workplace

Different respirator kits provide different levels of protection – and shopping for them can be confusing, particularly to new buyers. At Enviro Safety Products, you’ll find two types of masks in our respirator kits: full-face masks and half-masks. Additionally, you’ll find several types of cartridges in our respirator kit catalog; each cartridge features protection against different hazards.

Respiratory kits that include full-face masks are ideal for applications that may pose eye hazards, like mold remediation and situations where high levels of dust will be in the air. (The Environmental Protection Agency requires full-face masks, or “non-vented eye protection" for all mold remediation jobs.)

Respiratory kits with half-masks can be used for pesticide application, painting and other jobs that require the use of a sprayer.

Select the appropriate cartridge for each respirator kit you order. For example, spray painting and pesticide spraying operations are ideal applications for our 3M 5P71 P95 Particulate filter. No matter what application your respiratory kits are intended for, be sure to double-check the filter cartridges’ specifications before you order so you can provide your employees with the appropriate protection.

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