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Survivair Cartridges and Filters are used with the Opti-Fit Full Face Respirators and Survivair PREMIER Half Face Respirators. All NIOSH Approved.  Survivair Cartridges and Filters are easy to replace, with or without your mask on.


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  1. Survivair N95 Filter Retainer, S-Series

    SKU: SUR140170

  2. Survivair N95 Filter Base, S-Series

    SKU: SURB140074

  3. Honeywell 119044 Survivair P100 Slimline Filter, S-Series

    SKU: SUR119044

    Special Price $17.98 Regular Price $21.58
  4. Survivair Multi-Contaminant Cartridge 72 Pair/Case

    SKU: SUR100844

  5. Survivair Acid Gas Cartridge (72 Case)

    SKU: SURB100244

  6. Survivair P100 Micro Filter, S-Series

    SKU: SUR105014

  7. Survivair N99/R95 Filter, S-Series 500/Pairs

    SKU: SUR107014

  8. Honeywell Survivair Organic Vapor Cartridge

    SKU: SURB100144

  9. Survivair N95 Filter, S-Series

    SKU: SUR106044

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Cartridge Types
Every cartridge is given a color that is coordinated with the type of contaminate it filters.  To determine which Survivair cartridge is right for you, contact a safety professional or consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the substance you are needing filtered.  The cartridge color associated with the filter type is as follows:

Olive: Multi-Contaminant
White: Acid gas
Black: Organic Vapors
Green: Ammonia gas
Yellow: Acid gas and organic vapors
Purple: Any particulate - P100
Orange: Any particulate - P95, P99, R95, R99, R100
Teal: Any particulate free of oil - N95, N99 or N100

Cartridge and Filter Classifications
Filters are broken up into three series; N, R, and P.  The N series filter is tested with NaCl and used in environments free from oil aerosols.  R series filters are tested DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate), and should be disposed of after one use.  The P series filters are also tested with DOP to determine zero decrease in efficiency at the 95%, 99% or 9.997% levels.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the shelf life of a Survivair cartridge?
A: The self life of a cartridge is indefinite, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer.

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