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Healthcare professionals working in hospitals, clinics, or laboratories, and/or long-term care facilities need respiratory protection. Protect yourself and your workers against harmful airborne particles, including viruses, bacteria, and pollutants with N95 masks and disposable respirators from top brands like 3M and Moldex.

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What is an N95 disposable respirator, and why is it important in the healthcare industry?

An N95 disposable respirator is a type of mask that provides respiratory protection against airborne particles, including viruses, bacteria, and pollutants. It is important in the healthcare industry because it helps protect healthcare workers from infectious diseases and other respiratory hazards.

What is NIOSH, and why is it important for N95 respirators?

NIOSH stands for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is the agency responsible for setting regulatory standards for respiratory protection in the United States. NIOSH-approved N95 respirators meet the agency's rigorous testing and certification requirements, ensuring that they provide the highest level of respiratory protection possible.

What industries should use N95 disposable respirators?

N95 disposable respirators are recommended for use in any industry where respiratory protection is required. In the healthcare industry, they are particularly important for frontline workers, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel who may be exposed to infectious diseases and other respiratory hazards.

How long can an N95 respirator be used for?

N95 respirators are designed for single-use only and should not be reused. They should be discarded after each use or when they become damaged, soiled, or difficult to breathe through.

How do I know if an N95 respirator is NIOSH-approved?

NIOSH-approved N95 respirators will have a label or stamp on the packaging or mask itself indicating that it has been approved by NIOSH. You can also check the NIOSH website to verify that a particular respirator model has been approved. Be wary of counterfeit or unapproved respirators, which may not provide the same level of respiratory protection.

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