3M GVP-Series PAPR Systems

Keep up with ever-evolving airborne hazards with 3M GVP PAPR system respirators, parts and accessories from Enviro Safety Products. Designed to easily adapt to changing environments with detachable, specialized pieces, this durable line suits a wide range of industries. Get precise air filtration and choose from a variety of 3M PAPR GVP-series cartridges, filters, hoods and other accessories to optimize your respirator for your workspace’s exact needs, from formaldehyde to organic vapor protection. Build your own powered respirator kit or find a ready-made package customized. Either way, you’ll get the protection you need with GVP-series 3M PAPR system products.

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  1. 3M Versaflo S-133S-5 (Small/Medium) Headcover with Integrated Head Suspension

    SKU: 3MMS-133S-5

    Special Price $149.99 Regular Price $190.00
  2. 3M Versaflo 3MMS-133L-5 (Medium/Large) Headcover with Integrated Head Suspension, White (Case of 5)

    SKU: 3MMS-133L-5

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $190.00
  3. 3M Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-1, M-307, BT-20L


    Special Price $1,404.99 Regular Price $1,599.99
  4. 3M™ Versaflo™ Economy Headcover, S-103S-20 (Case of 20)

    SKU: 3MMS-103

    Special Price $499.99 Regular Price $589.35
  5. 3M™ Versaflo™ M-407 Respiratory Helmet Assembly with Premium Visor and Flame Resistant Shroud

    SKU: 3MMM-407

    Special Price $549.99 Regular Price $700.00
  6. 3M Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-1, S-403L, BT-20L


    Special Price $769.99 Regular Price $900.20
  7. 3M™ Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-CB


    Special Price $899.99 Regular Price $964.99
  8. 3M Belt-Mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-1, S-533L, BT-20L


    Special Price $797.99 Regular Price $939.10
  9. 3M™ Versaflo S-655 Hood Assembly with Inner Collar and Premium Head Suspension

    SKU: 3MMS-655

    Special Price $67.99 Regular Price $79.99
  10. 3M™ Versaflo™ Hood Assembly with Inner Shroud and Premium Head Suspension S-657

    SKU: 3MMS-657

    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $115.00
  11. 3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Hardhat Assembly M-307, with Premium Visor and Faceseal

    SKU: 3MMM-307

    Special Price $379.99 Regular Price $425.00
  12. 3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Faceshield Assembly M-107, with Premium Visor and Faceseal

    SKU: 3MMM-107

    Special Price $229.99 Regular Price $275.00
  13. Versaflo S-605 Replacement Hoods

    SKU: 3MMS-605-10

  14. 3M™ Versaflo™ Flame Resistant Outer Shroud M-447

    SKU: 3MMM-447

  15. 3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Hardhat Assembly M-305, with Standard Visor and Faceseal

    SKU: 3MMM-305

    Special Price $392.99 Regular Price $400.00
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Enviro Safety Products is one of the country’s leading distributors of 3M™ powered air purifying respirator systems, and for that reason, we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive selection of the world’s best PAPRs at the most affordable prices. Our extensive collection includes full 3M PAPR systems, replacement parts and individual components. We carry a wide variety of filter cartridges that meet or exceed industry standards for safety and efficacy, too. Please take a few minutes to browse our catalog, where every item listed is in stock unless otherwise noted, and find the PAPR system or components you need today.

At Enviro Safety Products, we know how important your workers’ safety is to you – and that’s precisely why we carry 3M GVP PAPR systems and all their related components at affordable prices. From filters and replacement parts to Versaflo and 3M headgear, you’ll find everything you need in our extensive inventory. We also carry chemical-resistant gloves, disposable clothing and more, so you can round out your safety program using top-quality products without going over budget.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must provide respiratory protection when employees will be subjected to contaminated air that can damage their health. Contamination can include dust, fumes, mist, gases, smoke or other vapors. In addition to providing respiratory protection, employers must institute a respiratory protection program and enforce compliance.

Enviro Safety Products can help you meet – and exceed – those standards.

About 3M GVP Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Nearly any situation that requires organic vapor protection calls for a 3M GVP Powered Air Purifying Respirator, or PAPR system. Each complete 3M PAPR GVP-series system includes a breathing tube, a breathing tube cover, lightweight and comfortably fitting headgear, and an organic vapor/high efficiency cartridge. Enviro Safety Products carries both complete PAPR respirator system kits and PAPR assemblies, so you can get exactly what you need without over-purchasing.

3M GVP PAPR Systems: Ideal for Several Applications

The 3M GVP PAPR system is ideal for use in the petrochemical field, when dealing with chlorine, and during lead and copper smelting processes. Powered respirator systems are also commonly used during asbestos, lead and mold abatement operations, while painting or spraying pesticides, and during pigment manufacturing. Many employers choose 3M GVP PAPR systems when their employees have to handle hazardous waste or when they’re welding, as well.

Since the 3M GVP PAPR system features a replaceable cartridge, it’s more economical than other respirators. There are several cartridges available so you can tailor the PAPR system’s protection to your environment, including organic vapors, acid gas, ammonia, formaldehyde and more. With a long-life motor and NiCD or NiMH batteries, which generally provide up to eight hours of service per charge, 3M powered air respirators are a smart choice for money-saving employers.

Each system and its components are durable and sturdy. The blower unit, worn around the waist, delivers filtered air into a breathing tube. The constant flow of air, according to 3M, can help workers cool off and stay more comfortable while working. Since the air is pulled through the filter cartridge by the battery-powered blower, the wearer doesn’t have to work hard to breathe – which can improve efficiency and comfort as well.

Creating a Complete 3M GVP PAPR System for Your Needs

All the components to create a complete 3M PAPR system are included in our 3M Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-1. However, we recognize that you may need customizable components to create the right system for your needs; that’s why you’ll find several parts sold separately in our extensive catalog.

The completed GVP-1 system includes the PAPR unit, a battery charger, a comfort belt that adjusts from 26 to 54 inches, a flow meter and a power cord. The GVP-1 can be combined with a breathing tube and 3M or Versaflo headgear.

Ordering a 3M GVP PAPR System from Enviro Safety Products

Once you’ve selected your complete system or the individual components you need to build your own system, simply click “Add to Cart" on each item you’d like to purchase. When you’re finished shopping, proceed to our secure checkout, where we’ll ask for your shipping and payment information. Since our ordering process is fully automated, we’re able to fill orders quickly and accurately, and we’ll ship your 3M GVP PAPR system and components directly to you as soon as possible.

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