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Damage can reduce the efficacy and efficiency of your breathing equipment, essentially putting you at greater risk for inhalation-related injuries. Keep your gear in pristine condition with Enviro Safety Products’ selection of respirator storage bags and mask cases for full and half facepieces. Scratches, punctures and general wear and tear are no match for these travel-friendly carrying containers, crafted with flexible, durable fabrics to accommodate a variety of mask styles. Choose from respirator storage bags and mask cases with a variety of closures, like drawstring, zippered and clasp, to secure your breathing device and, ultimately, your health.

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  1. Allegro 4001-05 Disposable Respirator Storage Bags

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  2. Allegro 2010 Respirator Carrying Bags

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  3. Ergodyne Arsenal 5080 SCBA Mask Bag

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  4. Allegro 4125 Heavy Duty Single SCBA Wall Case

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  5. Allegro 2025 Full Mask Storage Bag

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  6. Ergodyne Arsenal 5080L SCBA Mask Bag

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Dirt, dust and debris can compromise your SCBA, mask and other respirator components, rendering them inoperable when you need them. Protect your respirators with disposable or reusable storage bags from Enviro Safety Products. Whether you have an entire respirator system or just need to store individual parts, we have the right storage bag for your workplace. Lock out moisture, contaminants and dry particulates when your respirators aren’t in use by securing them in a respirator storage bag from our comprehensive collection.

Why Use SCBA Mask Bags?

SCBA mask bags keep your respirators in working condition between uses. Once they’re cleaned and decontaminated, they’re vulnerable to everyday elements like moisture, dust and dirt. Storing your masks in a protective bag, whether reusable or disposable, can help ensure that they stay in serviceable condition and are ready when you need them.

Disposable Respirator Storage Bags

Generally, people choose disposable storage bags for travel back-and-forth to hot zones and other risky areas to avoid contaminating permanent storage bags. These economical, cost-effective respirator storage bags are ideal for both half- and full-face piece respirators and associated components. They’re roomy and come with pressure seals to help provide decontamination documentation.

Reusable Respirator Storage Bags

Store your self-contained breathing apparatus, half- or full-face piece masks and respirator accessories in a disposable respirator storage bag to keep it safe from contamination while not in use.

SCBA Wall Cases

When your SCBAs aren’t being used, they need to be protected from environmental hazards and carelessness. Storing them in a high-visibility wall case can protect them from misuse, unauthorized handling and moisture. Choosing an SCBA wall case with viewing windows allows you to see the gauges, so you can check for mission readiness without handling the unit itself.

Our SCBA wall cases mount easily, and they’re made of low-density polyethylene for maximum protection against the elements. They’re available in a variety of high-visibility colors and include a universal cylinder bracket that can adapt to different SCBA brands.

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