Supplied Air Hood Respirator Kits

Allegro Supplied Air Hood Respirator Kits include a Double Bib Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood. Hood can be worn in a large variety of applications such as Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Chemical/Pesticide Handling, Painting/Coating Operations and Nuclear Operations. Features an extra large lens for better visibility and two bibs for increased protection. Allegro Filtration Panels can supply compressed air up to five workers. Optional C/O Monitor available for all models.

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  1. Pyramex Safety - Rendezvous - Black Frame/Gray Anti-Fog Lens Polycarbonate Safety Glasses - 12 / BX

    SKU: PYRSB2820ST-N

    Special Price $36.04 Regular Price $37.42
  2. Allegro K98722 High Pressure 2 Man Hood System

    SKU: ALLK98722

  3. Allegro 9101-25B Single High Pressure Supplied Air Hose

    SKU: ALL9101-25B

    Special Price $93.99 Regular Price $110.44
  4. Allegro 9872 Carry-Air 2 Worker Filtration Panel with CO Monitor

    SKU: ALL9872

    Special Price $1,499.99 Regular Price $1,932.55
  5. Allegro K9773 High Pressure 1 Man Hood System

    SKU: ALLK9773

  6. Allegro K98752 High Pressure 5 Man Hood System

    SKU: ALLK98752

  7. Allegro 9992 High Pressure Adjustable Flow Control Valve

    SKU: ALL9992

    Special Price $74.99 Regular Price $76.82
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