RPB® T200™ 17-210-22 Tychem® 2000 Face Seal Hood Bump Cap

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RPB® T200™ 17-210-22 T200 Tychem® 2000 Face Seal Hood Bump Cap
Dedicated healthcare respiratory protection. The RPB® T200™ enables you to experience true freedom of movement in your environment while relieving you of the breathing difficulties and fatigue encountered with N95 use. With a customizable internal layout, the T200 lets you adjust to your fit and to accommodate the accessories you need for your role. Designed for function, comfort, and durability, the T200 ensures your respiratory protection so you can focus on what’s really important. The RPB T200 is a lightweight multipurpose respirator designed specifically for the Healthcare and Life Science industries, relieving workers of breathing difficulties and fatigue experienced with N95 use. Available with either a head harness or bump cap for head protection and multiple hood options, the T200 has the ability to adapt to different environments that need face protection and respiratory protection. Using the Face Seal Hood the T200 provides an APF of 25, through to greater than 1000 when using the T-Link Full Hood with Neck Seal. It also gives facilities the ability to adapt the base product to suit multiple applications without having large inventories of replacement parts. The T200 has been approved by NIOSH for use with the RPB PX5® PAPR. This respirator does not require face fit testing
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