Safety Man Stan is a blue-collar guy from Toledo, Ohio. He does dirty and dangerous jobs at work and at home. Stan has a great sense of humor while he tinkers around with a lot of stuff. He values life, friends and family, so he cares about his safety. Oh, and he loves the products Enviro sells!

Stan has a show called Keepin’ It Safe where viewers get a glimpse of Stan in his element. Each episode is him working on one of his projects. He has fun with this and he is naturally entertaining, if not a little clumsy. You will never see Stan make fun of safety because he loves life! Stan respects the fact that he has been saved from injury and fatality because he always uses safety products. He just wants everyone to care about safety on the job as much as he does!

S1:E2 Stan and Goliath

Keepin’ It Safe (S1:E2)
In his 2nd spectacular episode, Safety Man Stan shows off the resiliency of his Pyramex Goliath Glasses Stan’s peepers are kept safe because these Safety Glasses are rated Z87+ for high impact! Safety Starts Here!

S1:E1 Pilot

Keepin’ It Safe (S1:E1)
In his debut episode, Safety Man Stan shows off the durability of his Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat. The wonders of its 4-Point Ratchet Suspension are on full display! Stan loves his hard hat in Camo color. You can also get it in Black or White. Safety Starts Here!

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