Checkers Super-Cross Extreme Cable Protectors - Type 4


Regular Price: $5,155.94

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Super-Cross Extreme Cable Protectors - Type 4
Regular Price: $5,155.94


Ideal for mining and heavy construction industries.

Super-Cross Type 4 Extreme Crossover Pads protect electrical cables used in mining and construction industries. These crossover pads feature molded through 1 inch holes for fastening together multiple pad sections using wire rope. Constructed from durable urethane, the cable protector withstands thousands of pounds of weight and endures constant pounding, impact and abrasion caused by haul trucks and falling rocks. Tested and proven to be oil, chemical, abrasion, cut/tear and temperature resistant. Protects cables and cords 3.25 inches to 4.5 inches in diameter and protectors can be fastened together to make desire length. Features molded-in receptacles for tow chain attachment. The use of crossover pads greatly improves safety and eliminates the cost and labor of burying, rerouting, or stringing cables overhead. Available in 4 sizes. Closure Strip is sold separately.

WARNING: Crossover Pads are for rubber vehicles only and not for equipment with metal tracks.

Additional Information

MPN XO436-8
Manufacturer Checkers
Brand Checkers
Family N/A
Main Category General Safety
Sub Category N/A
Prop 65 Yes
Weight 415.0000
Dimension No
Material urethane

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