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Surewerx Sellstrom Established almost 100 years ago the Sellstrom brand is one of the most trusted names in the personal protective equipment industry today. Sellstrom products are tested to meet or exceed all the rigorous standards for quality and safety performance including OSHA, ASTM, CSA, and CE. Additionally, we further ensure the quality, safety, and performance of our products by managing our own in-house, fully accredited test lab which carefully monitors all products flowing thru to the end user customer.
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  1. Surewerx S82500 GM500 Safety Goggle Advantage Plus

    SKU: SUWS82500-N

  2. Surewerx S71101 Safety Glass Smoke

    SKU: SUWS71101-N

  3. Surewerx S70701 Safety Glass Clear

    SKU: SUWS70701-N

  4. Surewerx S23410 Uncorded Disposable Ear Plugs

    SKU: SUWS23410-N

  5. Surewerx S23430 Banded Ear Plugs

    SKU: SURS23430-N

  6. Surewerx S70711 Safety Glass Amber

    SKU: SUWS70711-N

  7. Surewerx S90333 Rapid Clear Eyewash Bottle Station

    SKU: SUWS90333-N

  8. Surewerx S23406 Nrr 31 Ear Muff

    SKU: SUWS23406-N

  9. Surewerx S80226 Odyssey Fire Goggle

    SKU: SUWS80226-N

  10. Surewerx XP410 S72001 Safety Glass Smoke

    SKU: SUWS72001-N

  11. Surewerx S23490 Sta-Clear Lens Wipes

    SKU: SUWS23490-N

  12. Surewerx S23409 Cap Mounted Ear Muff

    SKU: SUWS23409-N

  13. Surewerx S23420 Reusable Uncorded Ear Plugs

    SKU: SUWS23420-N

  14. Surewerx S23421 Reusable Corded Ear Plugs

    SKU: SUWS23421-N

  15. Surewerx S23407 Dialectric Ear Muff

    SKU: SUWS23407-N

  16. Sta-Clear Lens Cleaning Packets

    SKU: SUW23490SMG

  17. SureWerx S80225 Odyssey Fire & Riot Goggle

    SKU: SUWS80225-N

    Special Price $17.80 Regular Price $17.84
  18. Surewerx 830 Direct Vent “Mini” Safety Goggles

    SKU: SUWS83000-N

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