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The Breeze Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush

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Forensics Source Lightning Powder Disposable Fiberglass Brush White Color Standard Size - 1 PER BOX

The Breeze™ Fiberglass Brush is a single-use, disposable latent print brush designed for use at crime scenes when cross-contamination is a high concern. The Breeze™ uses the same ultra-soft fibers that have been used for decades in the Zephyr® fingerprint brush, only less fibers making the Breeze™ slightly less full and therefore a more economical option as a disposable brush. Each brush is individually packaged, sealed and UV and Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilized, so there is no risk of outside contaminants being introduced into a crime scene. After processing a crime scene for latent prints, the Breeze™ can be disposed of or packaged and submitted along with evidence for trace cross-contamination examinations.

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ManufacturerForensics Source
BrandLightning Powder
Main CategoryLaw Enforcement
Sub CategoryFingerprinting
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