Versaflo Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen (CO/OX) Monitor

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3M Versaflo CO/O2 Monitor AP-621

3M Versaflo Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen CO/O2 Monitor 3MMAP-621-1
Designed for use with 3M Versaflo Supplied Air Respirator Systems, 3M has created a line known as the AP-600 Series. The series consists of air filtration panels that are lightweight, compact and portable. Produced for the purpose to filter certain common compressed air contaminants and regulate air pressure to ensure safety and protection against harmful particulates in an environment's air. Air Filtration Panels are used to control the pressure of air delivered to a supplied air respirator and to remove contaminants from compressed air to make it safer to breathe. The AP-600 series air panels have low back pressure which helps to enable their use in more applications where plant air pressures is restriction. In addition, with low backpressure, users can enable a wider choice of respirator system components.

The 3M Versaflo AP-621 is a Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Monitor that provides continuous measuring of the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) in the air. Equipped with visual and audible alarms. This system produces an audible and visual alarm when CO concentrations exceed 5PPM, or O2 concentrations drop below 19.5%. The AP-621 is powered by two C-Cell Batteries. Used on AP-602 Air Filtration Panel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring of CO and O2
  • Digital readout
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Available remote CO/O2 Alarm
  • Alarms when CO exceeds 5 PPM
  • 2 C Cell Batteries provide power for approximately 1 year
  • Visual "low battery" indicator
  • Optional AC adapter jack
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Calibration


  • Brand: 3M
  • Style: 3M Versaflo Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen (CO/O2) Monitor AP-621
  • Product Series: Versaflo AP-600Series
  • Intrinsically Safe: No
  • Product Type: SAR Parts and Accessories
  • Type: Versaflo AP-600 Series CO/O2 Monitor
  • Recommended Industries: Automotive, Petrochemical, Public Utilities, Shipbuilding, Construction, Military, Mining, Pharmaceutical
  • Recommended Applications: Spray Painting, Sandblasting, Welding, Tank Cleaning, Toxic Material handling, Hazardous Material Clean Up, Grinding, Chipping

There are four potential sources of contamination to breathing air in a typical system, and 3M Versaflo Air Filtration Panels can help with them all:

  • Environmental pollution which includes particulates and odors that can be drawn into a compressor air inlet. Poorly positioned air inlets can also allow carbon monoxide from vehicles to be drawn into plant air.
  • Air Distribution Piping: Rust and scale, oil and water can all accumulate in old piping, and contribute to airborne particles, mists and odors in plant air.
  • Compressor Contaminants: The quickly moving parts inside a compressor can generate oil mists and fine particles that can be carried along in compressed plant air. In worst case conditions, lubricating oil can burn and produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas.
  • Leaks: Faulty piping or pipe connections can allow airborne workplace gases and vapors to be drawn into the air stream of a compressed air system.

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Brand3M Versaflo
Main CategoryRespiratory Protection
Prop 65N/A
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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3M Versaflo Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen Monitor AP-621