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Heat Stress Prevention

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  1. Interface Serial Cable

    SKU: 3MM511-00525

  2. 3M™ WIBGET™ Heat Stress Monitor WB-300,

    SKU: 3MMWB-300

  3. Globe Sensor

    SKU: 3MM323-1003

  4. Wet Bulb Sensor

    SKU: 3MM323-1203

  5. Dry Bulb Sensor

    SKU: 3MM323-1402

  6. PIP EZ-Cool Cellulose Sponge Sweatband Blue Color 1000/Case

    SKU: PIP396-500

    Special Price $449.99 Regular Price $500.00
  7. E-Cooline Premium Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-1009

  8. Cool Medics Cropped Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1750

  9. Cool Medics High Visibility Cooling Vest with Pockets

    SKU: PIP390-M1864P

  10. Pro Vest with Cooling UniPaks


  11. Value Cooling Vest with Unipak


  12. EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest Kit

    SKU: PIP390-PCVKT1

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $169.99
  13. Cool Medics High Visibility Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1863

    Special Price $129.99 Regular Price $149.99
  14. SunX Bulk Pack Sunscreen Towelettes-300/Box

    SKU: COR71443

  15. SunX Sunscreen Sunblock-16 oz Bottle

    SKU: COR71667

  16. SunX Sunscreen Sunblock-32 oz Bottle, 1 Dozen

    SKU: COR71671

  17. Cool Medics Flame Resistant Cooling Vest

    SKU: PIP390-M1635FR

  18. Ergodyne 6000 Pop-up Series Work Shelter

    SKU: ERG6000

  19. Allegro 9403-10 Hi-Viz Green Utility Canopy Shelter

    SKU: ALL9403-10

    Special Price $298.75 Regular Price $336.13
  20. Replacement Cooling UniPak


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Heat Stress Prevention

On site heat stress can lead to injury and even collapse or death. Providing yourself and your workers with the proper tools to keep cool is a good idea, and can help keep productivity up.

The chart at the right, is from the OSHA website, and contains information about temperatures and requirements necessary. From 91F and above, it's necessary to provide Heat Stress resources to staff and workers to prevent injuries and even death.

What are ways to eliminate heat stress? Providing Cool water in disposable cups eliminates the chances for diseases, and cools workers. Making sure that workers are drinking water regularly, and knowing what to do in the case of observing heat stress injury signs are ways to prevent heat stress related injuries. Cooling Vests, shades, sunscreen are all products that are designed to help address heat stress.

Heat Index Risk Level Protective Measures
Less than 91°F Lower (Caution) Basic heat safety and planning
91°F to 103°F Moderate Implement precautions and heighten awareness
103°F to 115°F High Additional precautions to protect workers
Greater than 115°F Very High to Extreme Triggers even more aggressive protective measures
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