Extrication/Rescue Gloves

Are you looking for a glove with heavy-duty hand protection and excellent dexterity? Extrication gloves are cut, abrasion and puncture resistant and are the #1 choice rescue glove by firefighters for use in extrication, rope and general rescue operations. Give your hands the type of protection they deserve with Shelby or Ergodyne brand gloves. Want NFPA certified protection? Browse our wide selection of Fire Gloves.

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  1. Ergodyne ProFlex Fire & Rescue Performance Glove

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  2. Shelby SKINS Rescue/Work Gloves

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  3. Shelby Rescue/Work Gloves

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  4. Ergodyne ProFlex 726 Fire & Rescue Standard Glove

    SKU: ERG16162

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Widely used by firefighters and rescuers during extrication operations such as car accidents, extrication gloves offer the highest level of hand protection against cuts, scrapes and abrasions. Rescue gloves have similar protective properties and are used for more general use. The Shelby Xtrication Gloves are unlike any glove ever made and comes with a Velcro back for attaching a flashlight for hands-free illumination.

Looking for other firefighting gloves? We carry a wide selection of gloves for any firefighting application.

Structural Firefighting Gloves - made with NFPA or OSHA certified protection against flames, heat and cuts/abrasions. These flame resistant gloves are worn by structural firefighters and offer the highest level of protection possible.
Wildland Firefighter Gloves - used by wildland firefighters, a glove with heat resistant properties and cut and abrasion resistance that also has a high dexterity level for handling fire tools.
Proximity Fire Gloves - these specially made gloves are constructed from aluminized PBI/Kevlar that reflects and protects against extreme radiant heat found during aircraft rescue and firefighting operations. Gauntlet and Nomex wristlet styles are available.
Extrication Gloves - these gloves are used by firemen and rescue personnel during extrication operations and provide users with excellent cut and abrasion protection against sharp objects.


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