Structure Gloves

We carry NFPA and Cal-OSHA Compliant firefighter gloves that are built from the best materials to withstand harsh structural firefighting elements. These fire retardant gloves also give firefighters the highest level of cut and abrasion resistance in a glove. Shelby brand structure gloves come in a wide range of styles and materials with various protection levels, but with the same results. We have a wide selection of Fire Gloves for any fire fighting application.

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  1. Shelby NFPA Pigskin Wristlet Gloves

    SKU: SHE5225FDP

  2. Shelby 5228 FDP Koala Gloves with Gauntlet (1 PR)

    SKU: SHE5228FDP

    Special Price $113.09 Regular Price $144.99
  3. Shelby Koala Wristlet, NFPA Structural Fire Gloves

    SKU: SHE5227FDP

    Special Price $100.04 Regular Price $115.99
  4. Shelby NFPA Pigskin Gauntlet Gloves

    SKU: SHE5226FDP

  5. Shelby Big Bull Elk Wristlet Fire Gloves

    SKU: SHE5282

  6. Shelby Big Bull Elk/Pig Wristlet Fire Gloves

    SKU: SHE5280

  7. Shelby Cowhide, Wristlet, CAL-OSHA Structural Fire Gloves

    SKU: SHE5012

    Special Price $76.11 Regular Price $101.49
  8. Shelby Big Bull Elk Gauntlet Fire Gloves

    SKU: SHE5282G

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These gloves are built tough to protect firefighters during the toughest structural blazes. With NFPA or OSHA certified protection, these structural firefighting gloves are the best around. Available in various materials with different protection levels, these Shelby gloves also offer a high-level of cut and abrasion resistance, along with flame and heat resistance. The Shelby FDP series of structure glove provides firefighters with the best performance during those critical times of need.

Looking for other firefighters gloves? We carry a wide selection of gloves for any firefighting application.

Wildland Firefighting Gloves - commonly used during wildland firefighting, these gloves offer protection against extreme heat and are cut and abrasion resistant. They also provide great dexterity when handling fire tools.
Proximity Firefighter Gloves - specially made from aluminized PBI/Kevlar and designed to reflect/withstand extreme radiant heat associated with burning fuel and other aircraft rescue fire fighting.
Extrication Gloves - used by firefighters during extrication operations for cut, puncture and abrasion protection with excellent dexterity. These gloves
Structural Fire Gloves - these gloves meet NFPA or OSHA standards for structural firefighting apparel and provide a high-level of flame and heat resistance, while also providing cut and abrasion resistance.

Types of Leather
Pig - pigskin leather offers maximum breathability due to its porous texture. Pigskin also withstands moisture without stiffening and will become softer after each use. Pigskin returns to its natural soft texture when laundered.
Goat - this leather is twice as durable as cow grain and pig grain leathers. Goatskin leather are extremely soft and offer the highest-level of cut resistance.
Cow - the most commonly used leather in structure gloves, cowhide offers excellent comfort, durability and abrasion resistance.

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