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Puncture Resistant Gloves

You have to be prepared to handle anything that’s thrown your way at work, so your gloves should be, too. Cut-, puncture-, stab- and thorn-resistant gloves prevent painful abrasions and incisions, so you can power through your day no matter what you get your hands on. Cut out wasted time spent changing gloves to fit every task, and slide into all-around puncture-resistant and knife-proof protection. Constructed with special fabrics, these stab-resistant gloves can go from grabbing thorns and sharp vegetation to handling metal scraps, needles and waste. Plus, every set is fitted with flexible material, so nothing holds you back from a job well done.

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  1. HexArmor 2082 Palm-Coated Kevlar Gloves Green Color 1 Pair

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  2. HexArmor 4020X GGT5 Gator Grip Work Gloves Color Green 1 Pair

    SKU: HEX4020X

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What makes Hex Armor better than the rest?

HexArmor is a company that's continually pushing the envelope within the protective glove industry. As a company, HexArmor distinguishes itself from other competitors by focusing on the science of gloves. Their products utilize the best available materials, technologies and designs to make state-of-the-art protective gloves.

Where other companies may compromise on quality or construction, HexArmor does not. They fuse important safety features with a visually pleasing appearance. They're gloves are stylish in a way that many others are not. For people that are looking for style and substance in their safety gloves, these make an easy choice.

Although HexArmor offers a diverse line of safety gloves, all of the protective gear they manufacture does share one common trait: they perform exceptionally well. Not only that, but HexArmor customers typically rate their products highly.

What is SuperFabric?

SuperFabric is the trademarked name of a material that can be found in many HexArmor products. It is designed to prevent cuts and abrasions from penetrating through the material. It's constructed with a base fabric such as nylon, polyester or neoprene that is then overlaid with guard plates that are positioned in a protection-maximizing pattern.

The layering that can be found in all SuperFabric is where it gets its resiliency and strength from. The technology is said to rival Kevlar, an industry-leader. SuperFabric can also be constructed to have flame-resistant properties. In applications where there is little room for protective glove failure – such as in law enforcement, firefighting or in a hospital setting – SuperFabric can be the foundation for a glove reliable enough to be confidence-inspiring. This versatility makes it an attractive material to make gloves out of, and that is why HexArmor has chosen it as the core material in its line of gloves.

What types of gloves does HexArmor offer?

HexArmor gloves are specifically designed for a multitude of purposes. Their product line includes gloves to combat cutting, abrasions, needles, extreme heat, punctures and other work hazards. Protective gloves are gruelingly tested to ensure that they're held to the highest standards. HexArmor gloves continually receive the highest available ratings for safety gloves, which speaks to the technology and materials found within the products.

All of these safety gloves are available in stylish designs, too, ensuring that fashionable customers won't be disappointed. If style isn't a priority and you're more interested in substance, you can rest assured knowing that every glove HexArmor manufactures comes with proven reliability and durability.

What is the difference between cut, puncture and needle protection?

Each HexArmor glove is designed to provide you with protection against either a specific risk. The HexArmor collection has specialty gloves that are designed to prevent each type of on-the-job injury. Here are a few category-leading examples:

HexArmor GGT5 Glove

Cut protection

HexArmor GGT5 Mud glove Offering ISEA and CE level 5, the Mud Glove offers industry leading cut resistance. This is the goto glove for the oil and gas sectors.
HexArmor 6044 Glove

Needle protection

HexArmor 6044 Pointguard X glove offers needlestick prevention. Great for searching, recycling operations, garbage collection and any task requiring manual handling of unknown materials.
HexArmor 7090 Glove

Puncture protection

TenX Three Sixty 7090 glove offering full protection front and back of the hand, and ISEA level 5 protection, the TenX is a goto glove where full hand protection is required.

The fundamental difference between these categories of gloves is that each is designed with a different purpose in mind. A needle-resistant glove such as the Pointguard may not prevent cuts well. Alternatively, a glove that is meant to protect against cuts may not offer sufficient protection against needles. Shoppers must understand their needs prior to purchasing a glove that will work best for them.

Do you need HexArmor gloves for your job?

A number of different fields require their workers to wear protective gloves because of potential injury risks. Of course, the nature of these risks will vary from job to job. Knowing what sort of risks you're exposed to inside your work environment is paramount when it comes to picking the correct HexArmor gloves to protect your hands.

If you're constantly dealing with hazardous liquids, for example, a waterproof glove should be a prime consideration. You should always test the glove's ability to protect you from the substances that you will be dealing with before actually wearing the glove. Police officers, hospital workers and other people that are likely to come in contact with needles should invest in a pair of gloves that can protect them from needles. A number of HexArmor gloves offer this often sought after feature. Needles pose a significant challenge when it comes to safety gloves, as they can often be too thin to protect against. But HexArmor gloves offer unparalleled protection against needles. Even the most demanding work environments are no match for the HexArmor Hercules 400R6E Glove.

And this is just the beginning of a lengthy list. There are numerous other jobs that require hand protection in order to ensure safety.

How much value do HexArmor gloves offer?

All of HexArmor's products are manufactured with the consumer in mind, from start to finish. Not only is quality a preeminent concern, but so is the value being offered. HexArmor's gloves are competitively priced to offer you the best available performance for the price. And HexArmor offers glove options for people with limited budgets. The HexArmor Level Six Series 9011, for example, is priced under $20. HexArmor's numerous industry partnerships allow them to offer competitive prices that make their products accessible to all.

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