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3M™ Hood Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System RBE-L10, with Lithium Battery


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3M Hood Powered Air Purifying Respirator System, RBE-L10, with Lithium Battery

This lightweight PAPR System is used by first responders, law enforcement, military and health care professionals needing protection from or responding to natural disasters or acts of terrorism. System continuously filters airflow for maximum comfort to help workers focus on their jobs for longer periods. Protects against CBRN particulates, gases and vapors.

Lightweight, one size butyl rubber hood provides a wide field of vision with no fit test requirements. Hood accommodates eye glasses and facial hair. 3M duffel bag safely stores the system in one place and allows for quick access in case of an emergency.

  • NIOSH CBRN approved system
  • Designed for first responders and public health professionals
  • Protects from CBRN particulates
  • Lightweight, one size butyl rubber hood

First Response (RBE-L10) System Includes:

  • *Turbo PAPR unit 022-00-03R01
  • *Hood BE-10BR
  • *Breathing tube with clamp RBE-BTH
  • *Decon Belt RBE-BLT
  • *Cartridges RBE-57
  • *Airflow indicator 520-01-21
  • *Duffel Bag
  • *Lithium battery Pack Non-rechargeable / 10 Year Shelf Life / 12 Hour Battery for First Responders 520-04-57R01

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Features & Benefits:

  • Butyl Rubber Hood is NIOSH CBRN approved. Its chemical resistant material provides high level of airflow while providing excellent vision & accommodates facial hair and glasses.

  • The 12-hour Lithium Ion battery has a 10 year shelf life and can be stored without affecting its battery charge. Designed for first responders who require a PAPR use without first charging a battery.

Kit Contents: Click part numbers for individual purchase

  Part Number   Description   Quantity
  3MM022-00-03R01   Breathe Easy Turbo PAPR Unit   1
  3MMBE-10BR   Butyl Rubber Hood   1
  3MMRBE-BTH   Breathing Tube   1
  3MMRBE-BLT   Decon Belt   1
  3MMRBE-57   Cartridge   3
  3MM520-04-57R01   Lithium Ion Battery Pack   1
  3MM520-01-21   Airflow Indicator   1
  Duffle Bag   Not for individual purchase   1
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