Workplace Ergonomics - Eliminate Body Aches and Injuries
How many of you go home with your body aching from a long day of work? Headaches, back aches, sore shoulders and painful wrists are often signs ergonomic problems. By practicing and following the principles of workplace ergonomics, you can help reduce and even eliminate common injuries and illnesses. Whether you're behind a computer or lifting boxes in the warehouse, there's always ways to make your work station ergonomically friendly. What is Ergonomics? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Ergonomics is a discipline that involves arranging the environment to fit the person in it”. There are many ways to tackle common ergonomic workplace injuries. Ergonomically designed equipment such as back belts, knee pads, wrists supports and elbow pads can help reduce your end of the day aches. You can also eliminate common systems by following the basic principles of workplace ergonomics:
  1. Work in neutral postures
  2. Reduce excessive force
  3. Keep everything in easy reach
  4. Work at proper heights
  5. Reduce excessive motions
  6. Minimize fatigue and static load
  7. Minimize pressure points
  8. Provide clearance
  9. Move, exercise and stretch
  10. Maintain a comfortable environment