Chainsaw Clothing - Protect Yourself While Using a Chainsaw
For the ultimate Chainsaw Protection, Elvex Protective Clothing is the answer. Whenever you work with dangerous power tools like chain saws, you should know how to protect yourself. From the right work gloves to goggles, shielding from debris is crucial. For those using chainsaws on the job making sure you are fully protected is extremely important. Chainsaw related accidents are among the highest incidents of occupational injuries. Elvex Chainsaw protective clothing can decrease the extent of an injury and can turn a devastating injury to a minor one. Chainsaw Vests protect from chainsaw kick back injuries. With Elvex's famous Prolar protective pads, chainsaw protection is at its best. Prolar pads work by jamming the chain against the bar and sprocket. Elvex Prolar pads have been tested by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) for conformance to ASTM F-1897-2008. Elvex offers Chainsaw Chaps that meet the requirements of ASTM Standard for Leg Protection for Chain Saw Users (F-1897-2008). This standard requires that the chaps can stop a chain saw running at 2,750 feet/minute tested at both 45 ° and 90 ° to the longitudinal axis of the test sample, under controlled laboratory conditions. The ASTM Standard is a revised regulation as the ASTM increased the performance requirements for chainsaw test speed from 2,500 fpm to 2,750 fpm.