Child-Size Face Masks - Protect Your Child
Kimberly Clark Children's MaskFor parents who have been looking for a mask to fit their child and have child friendly attributes, look no further. Kimberly Clark now offers Child-Size Face Masks with Disney characters. Not only are these masks specifically designed to fit small faces and provide the comfort and protection children need, they feature Disney characters on the outer facing part of the mask providing a sense of familarity for the child as well as encourage compliance, making parents lives much easier. Most children do not like wearing hats, sunglasses, and especially masks and often throw them off. But with the newly designed Disney children's masks, not only do the masks feature child friendly designs, they offer a comfortable fit with knitted earloops, formable nose wire, and include natural rubber latex-free. Inventory of latest: 3M Aura Respirator 9205+ The Kimberly Clark Child-Size Face Masks are recommended for use by children who are immuno-compromised, have flu-like symptoms, and are visiting hospital patients. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends patients with undiagnosed respiratory symptoms be asked to wear a face mask in waiting rooms, to protect themselves and those around them" (Kimberly Clark). Parents whose children have coughs and sneezes should protect their children and others around them with child's face masks. Kimberly Clark is the first company to have specially designed masks to fit small faces and understand that adult masks cannot provide the appropriate fit, comfort and protection children need.