On Disposable Protection Products

A perennial theme in human expression is that we are absolutely obsessed with permanence and terrified of anything that reminds us of our fragility. When we’re making purchasing choices, how long we can expect a given item to last is as important a factor to weigh as the price. We don’t like the idea that something we spend our hard-earned money on will fall apart after x years of use. And yet, there is an entire wing of product manufacturing devoted to products that are used once, then discarded. These are not leisure items, but rather protective products used in operations that involve hazardous materials. They are valuable because, not in spite of, their temporariness.

Pretty much any category of safety equipment has disposable options. This includes gloves, eyewear, gowns, and respirators. At Enviro, we carry all of these from a variety of brands and with different features, quantities, and applications.

As far as bodywear goes, we offer an array of disposable gowns and smocks that protect from both hazardous (chemicals, fire, fetid water) and nonhazardous (dirt, grime, oil) substances alike. For a first responder going into a post-hurricane zone, for example, it’s vital to protect your feet and legs from whatever nasties are living in the standing water. After a day of service in that kind of situation, no one wants to wash the disgusting protective gear and use it again. Disposability is an asset.

We also have disposable gloves, our consistently most popular disposable item. There are many jobs and worksites all across the labor world, in dozens of fields, that require a constant and consistent supply of high-quality disposable gloves. Lab work, manufacturing, food processing and handling, and other such jobs can only be done with hand protection, and disposable gloves provide an easy and convenient means of getting your work done. If you need a new glove they’re right there in a functionally limitless supply (assuming inventory is being kept up) and can be easily discarded when the job is done. No filthy gloves laying around afterward, to be laboriously washed and reused. The cycle simply repeats.

Elsewhere, we have our selection of disposable respirators. As we’ve seen in previous posts, respiratory protection is one of the most vital services we provide. The lungs are precious, and should be protected from danger at all costs. If any piece of protective equipment should be permanent, it would seem to be respirators. However, disposable respirators are very much a real thing and are a valid element of certain protective equipment programs. Obviously if airborne contaminants are so pervasive in the air that heavy-duty filtration is required, a disposable respirator isn’t going to cut it. Disposables aren’t necessarily cheap and ineffective, though. Like disposable gloves they may appear flimsy but are still perfectly capable of providing necessary protection. One potential application I’ve seen mentioned a few times is certain surgical processes that involve precision grinding tools. A filter is required because of the clouds of microscopic tissue particles these processes create. Disposable respirators are perfect for applications like that.

At the end of the day, just because it’s disposable doesn’t mean it’s dispensable. These products provide immediate convenience and replaceability without compromising the features needed to stay safe on the job. Whether it’s gloves, masks, or whatever else you need, stock up today with Enviro!