Hands-Free Lighting Solutions
Lets face it; you are more efficient and productive at work when using two hands, especially when working in confined spaces, carrying a flashlight in your hand is just not an option. The solution: a flashlight holder that mounts your flashlight to the rim of your hard hat or a headlamp. Flashlight Holders are easy to install and are available in fixed angles and adjustable. Adjustable flashlight holders are recommended since they feature a knob that allows you to rotate the light in the direction needed. Most clips are made from unbreakable stainless steel and will stay tightly mounted to your helmet. Headlamps are another handy hands-free lighting solution. They can be worn on your helmet or directly on your head. All headlamps feature a rotating head for directing light where you need it most. They are also made durable enough to withstand the rigors your job may present. Whatever your preference is, flashlight helmet mounts and headlamps are a cost efficient way to deliver hands-free lighting in demanding work environments. Hands-free lighting is ideal for those working in the following professions; auto repair, maintenance, electricians, plumbers, construction, heating and air conditioning repair and firefighters.