Customer Feedback
We appreciate our customers at Enviro Safety Products. While we're always collecting feedback, from time to time we get some outstanding letters like these: "My recent purchase from ya'll was more or less a 'test drive' of your company. I had researched many other companies for the products I wanted and found yours had what I wanted in stock and price reasonably. I was astonished how quickly they arrived! I had ordered something else from another company also in your area a few days before I placed my order with ya'll an that arrived four days after I got yours! I will definitely be placing all my orders in the future with ya'll. I am really impressed with you." Thank you much, Coco Navarro "You guys helped me so much! I was having the hardest time ever replacing the freaking batteries on my Peltor Tac 6 Headset. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my headset but when the time came to replace the batteries I couldn't do it. So that's when I decided to call you guys. I spoke with Sam in customer service and she emailed me step by step instructions and stayed on the phone with me until I figured it out. The following day I received a follow up email with a link to a video posted on your blog. It was a video on how to replace the batteries on the Peltor Tactical 6! Your staff is so helpful and the video is a great touch for other customers who run into the same problem." Sherly Owens