Myth or Fact? Top Three Myths about Workplace Safety
How many times have you heard a statement about workplace safety that had you thinking? I'm sure you've heard plenty of safety myths at some point in time. Well, I'm hear to set the facts straight. According to a recent poll, here are the top three safety myths floating around the workplace. Myth #3 – You cannot create a hazard-free workplace – It is shocking how many people believe that no workplace can be made free of hazards. We had one person tell us that it just isn’t possible to have a workplace without hazards so he might as well lock the front door to the manufacturing plant where he was the safety director. Certainly situations change over time, sometimes even very quickly, making it difficult to identify and control hazards. It requires discipline and diligence to recognize and mitigate every hazard. Myth #2 – Being safe takes too much time and money – When people say that it takes too much time or money to be safe, they obviously don’t understand the power of a cost/benefit analysis. Have you ever considered the direct and indirect cost of even a minor injury? And, the thought of pain and agony that an injury causes should be enough to make workers do everything they can to stay safe. Myth #1 – Accidents just happen – Wrong! Research shows that over 99 percent of all accidents are preventable. If you think that accidents just happen, then what allows you to drive down the road, walk down the sidewalk or even live in your home without great fear? The reality is that you have a great deal of control over the circumstances around you.