Security Mirrors - Making Your Facility Safer one Reflection at a Time!
Se-Kure Domes MirrorsFor outside uses "such as, in driveways, alleys, parking garage entrances and exits“a round convex mirror works very well. The "roundtangular" mirror will allow you to avoid the sun more than the round mirror, and some customers feel it has a more attractive design. Both mirrors work equally well at viewing left to right angles. For inside the office or home, a quarter-, half-, or full-dome mirror is a good choice. In hallways, for example, a quarter-dome mirror can allow people walking into a blind corner to see around it and avoid mishaps. For surveillance purposes, a full-dome can offer panoramic views of wide areas. The smaller (12" x 18") roundtangular can also be used in an office or store. The larger round mirrors (26" and 30") are commonly used in convenience stores where they can be placed across the room and still provide a good (detailed) view of persons in the store.