The Benefits of LED Flashlights
Pelican LED FlashlightsThe LED flashlight has certainly revolutionized the world of flashlights in recent years. LED, or light emitting diode bulbs, are so much better than the standard filament type bulbs. Electrons inside the bulb move around, thereby creating a more reliable and powerful light source. LED flashlights are also extremely long lasting. In fact, you can expect to get up to 10,000 hours out of them, which blows away a regular bulb. The LED flashlight will also require far less power to operate, meaning you'll save on battery usage. Many of these flashlights run without using batteries at all, or use rechargeable batteries that basically last forever. You can find every different type of these flashlights available including ones on helmets, key chains and regular hand-held units. They even have kits available to convert an older model standard light into an LED model. Because the LED bulbs tend to be hardier than the older, fragile, incandescent bulbs, dropping one's LED flashlight in the dark does not necessarily mean losing the use of the flashlight. Since it doesn't use the same fragile voltage wire of the old bulbs it proves to be stronger and more resilient. These flashlights use only about 5-10% of the power of traditional flashlights, which means longer battery life. Another reason for the longer lifespan of an LED flashlight is that it is less draining on the batteries since it uses about a third of the power needed in incandescent bulbs. Many LED flashlights are waterproof also. This is a perk when it is necessary to use the flashlight in the rain or snow. Brighter light is important when using an LED flashlight in the dark. Whether changing a tire or looking for dropped keys, the brighter light is a godsend. Because of the innovation of a tiny mirror placed in the bulb the light from an LED flashlight is utilized where the user needs it most. The light from an LED flashlight can be seen up to a mile away. Rather than producing a ring of light like the old flashlights it is a brighter, more focused, directional light. When the power goes out, and your safety is concerned, trust a flashlight you know will work. LED flashlights are the future, get yours today.