'Tis the Season, Pt. 2
November is here, and we are fast approaching the long, hard winter. Here at Enviro, we go out of our way to provide top-quality safety for all kinds of situations. Last time we discussed some of our winter product selection. We’ll wrap up that presentation here with the categories of insulated clothes, winter footwear, and flame-resistant jackets. These categories may seem a bit barebones at the moment, and we may build them out further as the season progresses, so stay tuned. “Insulated clothes” may sound a bit redundant. Weren’t the gloves and jackets we talked about earlier insulated? They were and are, but the products in this category take insulation to the next level. Of particular note are the full-face hoods by Occunomix. They call them Hot Rod Liners, and they ue a sophisticated combination of intuitive design and quality materials to keep your head warm in frigid conditions. An elastic strip in the forehead area sits tight against the skin, preventing cold air from getting in. There are different variations on the product for different situations, including an extra long neckpiece, removable mouthpiece, and a double layer of DuPont “sherpa” lining. There’s also beanies and face masks in their Thinsulate and Noggin Topper lines. This section also includes high-quality jackets, vests, and parkas from PolarWear. Next we have the Terra-Lite and Wolf Pac insulated boots from OnGuard. The Terra-Lites are heavy-duty footwear products engineered for use in the most extreme cold. They repel water, their metal parts resist corrosion, and the three-play Thermashield fleece lining maximizes warmth and comfort. Their Wolf Pac boots are even more intense, boasting a 100% waterproof PVC exterior with wool felt lining, reinforced heel, and a large toe vault that promotes circulation in the feet. It also features a steel-toed version. Finally we have our flame-resistant jackets. It’s worth noting here that there are flame-resistant items elsewhere in the winter gear section, in the other clothing categories. They can be found by looking at the feature descriptions on each item, and the flame-resistant ones tend to advertise that trait strongly. There are also related products in the sidebar for every item on the site, so make sure to look at those. Here we have four products from Stanco and Chicago Protective Apparel. There are specific flame-resistant fabrics and materials that are standard in the industry, with arcane names like Indura, Proban, and Nomex. They’re all designed to protect you in the event of an arc flash, or an accident that causes electricity to leave its intended path and arc through the air, either to the nearest conductor (which could be you) or the ground. Indura fabric features flame retardant chemicals “impregnated in the core of the cotton fiber” (not a phrase you encounter everyday), which protects the wearer and buys time to escape. Winter is a time of contradictions, of ecstatic joy juxtaposed against bitter misery, of boundless life alongside frostbitten death. Winter products like ours can help you ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive aspects of winter, and keep the negative outside where it belongs.