Workplace Safety Tips
A recent article in Australia's Safe to Work newsletter offers some advice on creating a safer, injury free work place. The writer contends that no matter what the size of an organization, occupational health and safety risks can't be ignored as an integral part of business management. The biggest risk is to do nothing at all. The following tips are offered to help create a safer, injury free work place. 1. Understand responsibilities – make someone in charge for understanding practical and legal safety requirements. Have a clear and simple safety policy. 2. Consult workers – any decision that involves worker safety should draw upon the experiences of those affected. 3. Identify, assess and control risk – have a system in place in identify hazards so that appropriate measures can be taken to minimize and eliminate the risk. 4. Inform, train and supervise – suitable training and employee involvement it essential in achieving safety success. 5. Manage incidents and injuries – even with the best of precautions, accidents will happen. Effective management will minimize loss and disruptions. The full text of this article can be found here. For all your workplace safety needs, please visit our web catalog at