3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips-L, Carton of 25 Pair

3MSKU: ONS247-370-TEPL-25-CS-DS
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Brand3M Peltor
Main CategoryHearing Protection

3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips 25 pairs

When it comes to service-related disabilities, hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) are the the two most common according to the Department of Defense's Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE). Hearing protection is important and involves maintaining a degree of environmental hearing which is why 3M offers the latest in innovative safety technology for your ears.

The Tactical Earplug is a device in which can be used to help protect users' hearing from high levels of steady state and impulses while capable of creating sound-amplification for situational hearing. 3M has created this digital in-ear earplug that helps an individual hear such things as mission-critical verbal communications in quiet environments along with protecting your ears from high-level noise and its permanent affects.

The Peltor Tactical Earplug is ruggedized for military and tactical environments to help protect hearing against sustained noises, such as loud generators & vehicle engines, intermittent loud and impulse noises such as gunfire & blasts. Sound amplification settings can be activated by using a single button with an 82 dB maximum amplification making the Tactical Earplug a Sound Level Dependent Function. The kit not only provides the hearing and safety protection you need, it offers the communication to improve auditory environmental awareness in challenging environments.

The 3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips (370-TEPL-25, 370-TEPM-25 and 370-TEPS-25) are the 3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips used as a replaceable communications eartip. The 3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips help to provide hearing protection noisy environments. Multiple sizes and types designed to fit most ear canals.


  • Style: 3M Tri-flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips 370-TEPL-25 (LARGE); 370-TEPM-25 (MEDIUM); 370-TEPS-25 (SMALL)
  • Applications: tactical, engineering and maintenance; military, law enforcement, construction, manufacturing municipal and industrial users
  • Industries include: shooting ranges, hunting, MRO, construction sites, manufacturing plants, auto racing, transportation and first responder law enforcement.

Note: This does not include Tactical Ear Plugs or other parts & accessories. 3M Tri-Flange Ultrafit Communication Ear Tips Only


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