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Showing 97 - 144 of 159 products
Allegro Portable Fume Extractor Pleated Pre-Filter Replacement  - 6 per Package
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9450-PF Replacement Pleated Pre-Filter...
As low as Sale price$114.79 Regular price$126.27
Allegro 9500-01 Duct to Duct Connector-8 Inch
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9500-01 Duct‐to‐Duct Connector (For 8"...
As low as Sale price$34.49 Regular price$37.94
Allegro 9502 Centrifugal Heavy Duty Blower
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9502 Centrifugal Heavy Duty Blower (To...
As low as Sale price$1,664.49 Regular price$1,830.94
Allegro 9503 Heavy Duty Explosion-Proof Centrifugal Blower
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9503 Centrifugal Heavy Duty Explosion‐...
As low as Sale price$2,102.49 Regular price$2,312.74
Allegro 9503-03 Hazardous Location Receptacle
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9503-03 Receptacle, 20A, 120 (EX), 1 Each
As low as Sale price$666.39 Regular price$733.03
Allegro 9504 Centrifugal Ventilation Blower-Standard
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9504 Centrifugal Standard Blower (Cage...
As low as Sale price$860.39 Regular price$946.43
Allegro 9504-50 Centrifugal Ventilation Blower-High Output
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9504-50 Centrifugal High Output Blower...
As low as Sale price$1,306.79 Regular price$1,437.47
Allegro 9505 Centrifugal Gasoline Blower (Briggs & Stratton)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9505 Centrifugal Gasoline Blower (Brig...
As low as Sale price$1,085.69 Regular price$1,194.26
Allegro 9507 Industries Two Speed Ventilation Blower
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9507 Centrifugal 2-Speed Blower, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$1,629.99 Regular price$1,792.99
Allegro 9509-50 12 Inch High Output Axial Blower
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9509-50 12" Axial AC High Output Metal...
As low as Sale price$958.39 Regular price$1,054.23
Manhole Ventilation Passthru
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9510-50 8" Manhole Ventilation Passthr...
As low as Sale price$268.59 Regular price$295.45
Allegro 9519-03 Three Speed Carpet Dryer Blower (1 EA)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9519-03 Three Speed Carpet Dryer Blowe...
As low as Sale price$306.19 Regular price$336.81
Allegro 9520-50M Confined Space Ventilation Centrifugal Blower Kit
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9520-50M 8" High Output Centrifugal Bl...
As low as Sale price$1,722.79 Regular price$1,895.07
Allegro 9550-15 Duct to Duct Connector-15 Feet
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9550-15 12" Diameter Ducting (15' Leng...
As low as Sale price$250.29 Regular price$275.32
Exhaust Filter Assembly for A750
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9700-09 Exhaust Filter Assembly (A750)...
As low as Sale price$113.29 Regular price$124.62
Allegro Industries 9700-11 Pump Flushing Liquid
Allegro Allegro Industries 9700-11 Pump Flushing Liquid
As low as Sale price$65.29 Regular price$75.29
Allegro Industries 9804-04 Variable Flower Regulator
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9804-04 Variable Flower Regulator, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$48.19 Regular price$53.01
Allegro 9820-LP Allegro AIR Airline Cooling System
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9820-LP AllegroAir Airline Cooling Sys...
As low as Sale price$800.19 Regular price$880.21
Allegro 9825-EF Cold Air System
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9825-EF Breathing Cold Air Source w/ E...
As low as Sale price$4,340.39 Regular price$4,774.43
Allegro 9832 Oil-Less Ambient Air Pump 1 1/2 HP
Allegro Allegro Industries 9832 A-1500TE Breathing Air Pump, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$2,698.99 Regular price$2,968.89
Allegro 9871-01 Remote Air Filtration Alarm/Strobe Light System
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9871-01 Remote CO Alarm/Strobe Light S...
As low as Sale price$479.19 Regular price$527.11
Allegro 9871-02 Remote Carbon Monoxide Airline Monitor
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9871-02 Compressed Air CO Monitor Syst...
As low as Sale price$1,493.09 Regular price$1,642.40
Allegro 9871-03 Supplied Air Remote Point-of-Attachment
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9871-03 Point of Attachment (POA) Air ...
As low as Sale price$262.49 Regular price$288.74
Allegro 9872 Carry-Air 2 Worker Filtration Panel with CO Monitor
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9872 Two‐Worker Carry‐Air Filter Panel...
As low as Sale price$1,846.59 Regular price$2,031.25
Allegro 9872-50 Panel Filter Kit, Two- & Five-Worker
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9872-50 Panel Filter Kit, Two- & Five-...
As low as Sale price$254.79 Regular price$280.27
Allegro 9872-60 Filtration Panel CO Monitor Calibration Test Kit
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9872-60 CO Monitor Calibration Kit (2 ...
As low as Sale price$330.29 Regular price$363.32
Allegro 9872-W/O Carry-Air 2 Worker Air Filtration Panel without CO Monitor
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9872-W/O Two‐Worker Carry Air Filter P...
As low as Sale price$995.49 Regular price$1,095.04
Allegro 9873-50 One Worker Panel Filter Kit
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9873-50 One-Worker Panel Filter Kit, 1...
As low as Sale price$210.19 Regular price$231.21
Allegro 9875 5 Worker Air Panel w/ CO Breathing Carry-Air™ Filtration Panels
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9875 Five‐Worker Carry‐Air Filter Pane...
As low as Sale price$2,160.29 Regular price$2,376.32
Allegro 9900-40 Flow Test Kit (1 EA)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9900-40 Flow Test Kit, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$215.89 Regular price$237.48
Allegro Breathing Tube 9900-73B
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9900-73B Breathing Tube, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$19.49 Regular price$21.44
Allegro 9901-07 Exhalation Valve
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9901-07 Exhalation Valve, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$9.29 Regular price$10.22
Allegro 9901-08 Exhalation Valve Cover
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9901-08 Exhalation Valve Cover, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$13.29 Regular price$14.62
Bayonet Connector Cover
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9901-11C Bayonet Connector Cover, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$9.29 Regular price$10.22
Allegro 9903-D LP Supplied Air Shield Assembly
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9903-D SAR Shield w/ Low Pressure Flow...
As low as Sale price$240.09 Regular price$264.10
Allegro Industries 9904-25  Lens Covers (6/pkg)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9904-25 Lens Covers, Pack of 6
As low as Sale price$29.79 Regular price$32.77
Allegro 9935-DLX EZ Air Deluxe PAPR w/9935-X81V ADFAllegro 9935-DLX EZ Air Deluxe PAPR w/9935-X81V ADF
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9935-DLX EZ Air Deluxe PAPR w/9935-X81...
As low as Sale price$1,307.09 Regular price$1,437.80
Allegro 9936 EZ Air Max PAPR Welding Helmet (Complete Assembly)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9936 EZ Air Max PAPR w/ 7500VX ADF, 1 ...
As low as Sale price$1,385.09 Regular price$1,523.60
Allegro 9936-BH7500 EZ Air Max PAPR Headtop Only
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9936-BH7500 Black Welding Helmet w/ Ai...
As low as Sale price$558.09 Regular price$613.90
Allegro 9936-E EZ Air Max PAPR Welding Helmet (Complete Assembly) International
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9936-E EZ Air Max PAPR w/ 7500VX ADF, ...
As low as Sale price$1,381.39 Regular price$1,519.53
Allegro 9990 High Pressure Air Temperature Controller
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9990 Air Temperature Controller (Heate...
As low as Sale price$386.59 Regular price$425.25
Allegro 9991 High Pressure Personal Air Cooler (AC)
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9991 Personal Air Cooler w/ Belt & Han...
As low as Sale price$203.49 Regular price$223.84
Allegro 9992 High Pressure Adjustable Flow Control Valve
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES 9992 Adjustable Flow Control Valve w/ ...
As low as Sale price$99.29 Regular price$109.22
Allegro NV2000 NV20-00 Nova 2000 Blasting HelmetAllegro NV2000 NV20-00 Nova 2000 Blasting Helmet
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES NV20-00 Nova 2000 Helmet (Complete) w/...
As low as Sale price$854.19 Regular price$939.61
Allegro NV20-00H HP Nova 2000™ Helmet w/Heater
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES NV20-00H Nova 2000 Helmet w/ Nylon Cap...
As low as Sale price$897.89 Regular price$987.68
Allegro NV20-00LP Nova 2000 Blasting Helmet w/Flow Valve
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES NV20-00LP Nova 2000 Helmet w/ Nylon Ca...
As low as Sale price$902.09 Regular price$992.30
Nova 2000 Replacement Nylon Cape-28 Inch
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES NV20-02 Nova 2000 Replacement Nylon Ca...
As low as Sale price$167.19 Regular price$183.91
Allegro NV20-12 Nova 2000 Helmet Replacement Inner Bib
Allegro ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES NV20-12 Nova 2000 Inner Bib, 1 Each
As low as Sale price$34.29 Regular price$37.72

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