Arc Flash Coveralls

Trusted Arc Flash Coveralls are the key to any electrician's safety. Our selection of Arc Flash Coveralls and Arc Flash Clothing are made from trusted flame resistant fibers including Nomex and Indura Ultra Soft. These materials are designed with thermal technology to help protect you from hazards that can be associated with electric arcs and flash fires.

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  1. CPA 8 CAL Bib Overalls


    As low as $114.40
  2. Chicago Protective Apparel 74 CAL Bib Overalls

    SKU: CPASWB-74

    As low as $406.99
  3. CPA Brown Duck Bib Overall - Level 2


  4. CPA Brown Duck Insulated Bib Overall - Level 4


  5. Chicago Protective Apparel 12 CAL Arc Coverall

    SKU: CPASW-605-12

    As low as $114.39
  6. CPA 8 CAL Arc Coverall

    SKU: CPASW-605-8

    As low as $107.79
  7. CPA 20 CAL Bib Overalls

    SKU: CPASWB-20

    As low as $131.99
  8. Chicago Protective Apparel 43 CAL Arc Coverall

    SKU: CPASW-605-43

    As low as $263.99
  9. CPA Indura Ultra Soft Insulated Coverall - Level 4

    SKU: CPA605-CC-US

  10. CPA Nomex Coveralls 4.5 oz. -Level 1

    SKU: CPA605-NMX-4.5

    Special Price $116.59 Regular Price $131.99
  11. CPA 9 oz. Indura Ultra Soft Coveralls - Level 2

    SKU: CPA605-USN

  12. CPA 20 CAL Arc Coverall

    SKU: CPASW-605-20

    As low as $134.19
  13. Chicago Protective Apparel 32 CAL Arc Coverall

    SKU: CPASW-605-32

    As low as $230.99
  14. CPA 7oz. Indura Ultra Soft Coveralls - Level 2

    SKU: CPA605-USK

  15. CPA 32 CAL Bib Overalls

    SKU: CPASWB-32

    As low as $181.49
  16. CPA Indura Ultra Soft Bib Overalls - Level 4

    SKU: CPA618-CC-US

  17. CPA Nomex Coveralls 6 oz. - Level 1

    SKU: CPA605-NMX-6

  18. CPA Arc Flash Protective Bib Overalls


  19. CPA 12 CAL SWB-12 Bib Overalls

    SKU: CPASWB-12

    As low as $120.99
  20. CPA 43 CAL Bib Overalls

    SKU: CPASWB-43

    As low as $197.99
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We stock a full line of Arc flash protection and other electrical safety products. Don't risk your personal safety in an arc flash fire you are unprepared for. Arc flash protection starts by wearing the right Arc protection clothing.

Levels of Arc Flash Protection:

Level 0/Category 0 – N/A
Level 1/Category 1 – 4 cal/cm2
Level 2/Category 2 – 8 cal/cm2
Level 3/Category 3 – 25 cal/cm2
Level 4/Category 4 – 40 cal/cm2

NOTE: for expected exposure levels above 40 cal/cm2 – the system should be re-engineers to reduce exposure levels. 2nd Degree burns can be sustained with as little as 1.2 cal/cm2 of exposure. A calorie is a measurement of energy. It takes very little “calories” for an arc flash burn to occur. For example a 100 call/cm2 blast, can potentially reach temperatures in excess of 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit! For reference, a cigarette lighter placed under your finger for 1 second is about a 1 calorie burn.

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