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Facility Safety Equipment
Keep your facility running safely with the proper equipment. Accident prevention is the key to keeping your workforce safe and productive. Make sure your workplace is compliant with OSHA regulations. Browse our huge selection and get your facility up to code!

We have a complete selection of safety products to keep your facility safe. Keep production at your plant running smoothly and safely. All of these safety products are designed to protect employees and help prevent accidents may it be at your warehouse, production facility or other hazardous workplace.
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  1. Masterlock Group Valve and Electrical Lockout Kit

    SKU: MAS1458VE410

  2. Amerex B570 Class D Fire Extinguisher

    SKU: AMXB570

  3. Checkers DiamondBack Ramps for 6.5 Inch Lines

    SKU: CHEUHB5060R

  4. Brady Spill Kit-55 Gallon Drum Pack

    SKU: BRASK-55

  5. 3' x 12' Saddle Trax 979 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP979S00312BL

  6. 3' x 60' Airug 410 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP410R0336BL

  7. 3' x 20' Sanitop 562 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP562S0320BL

  8. Amerex Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher - 20 lbs.

    SKU: AMX332

  9. ECO Drum Management Stack Module

    SKU: JUS28669

  10. 3' x 12' Marble Sof-Tyle 970 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP970S0312BL

  11. 2' x 60' Pebble Step Sof-Tred 415 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP415R0024BL

  12. 3' x 12' Diamond Stat 826 Floor Mat

    SKU: SUP826S0312BL

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14 Items

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