Flu Season is Here

Flu Season is here, and Enviro Safety Products has what you need to help prevent the spread. As part of our commitment to keeping people safe, we have also gathered and summarized some information, that will help keep you and the people around you healthy, happy and productive.

Prevent the Spread of the Flu - Prevent Getting It!

Getting your flu-shot is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting yourself and others, but flu vaccinations are not 100% effective. Recent studies show that although the flu vaccination can help you fight some strains of the flu, the severity of each flu season and the efficacy of the vaccination can vary widely from year to year. Healthcare professionals, and others who come in close contact with flu sufferers should take extra care when protecting themselves.

Short of boarding yourself up in your home, there's no realistic way to guarantee you won't get sick this season. But there are many simple ways to greatly reduce your risk.

  • Hand Hygiene
    According to the CDC, most Flu strains can survive up to 8 hours outside of a human host. That means door handles, subway rails, money and countless other surfaces that we touch everyday can be potential carriers. carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you during the flu season.
  • Don't Touch Your Face
    We all do it... An average of 3.6 times per hour. Your eyes, nose, and mouth are all easy ways for a virus to find it's way into your system.

If you Have the Flu, Prevent Spreading It!

  • Call in Sick
    Studies show that calling in sick (when you're actually sick) is better for the company in the long run.
  • Hand Hygeine
    Washing your hands regularly is just as important when you're sick. After a sneeze, every door-handle you touch is potentially getting many others sick.

Did you know?

It is becoming increasingly common throughout China, and other densely populated areas to wear medical masks during flu season. Contrary to popular belief, the wearer of the the mask is often sick, and wearing the mask to prevent spreading their sickness to others.

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