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Electronic Hearing Protection

Enviro Safety Products offers a wide range of hearing protection and electronic headsets. Peltor models are some of the best on the market – not just for preventing hearing loss but for streamlining communication as well. Peltor noise-cancelling headsets offer protection from NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) and can actively attenuate loud noises while still allowing for conversations from a whisper to a shout to be heard without the muffling that typically occurs with passive earmuffs.

Choose from a Range of Electronic Communication Options

We offer Peltor hunting and shooting hearing protection as well as a wide range of headsets, from AM/FM and two-way radio models to Bluetooth, listen-only, and military and special operation varieties. All of these selections offer lightweight and comfortable wear for long periods of time. They have numerous features that benefit the wearer as well as those working with them. Some of these Peltor designs include:

  • noise-cancelling boom microphones
  • two-mile distance coverage
  • multiple channels
  • ambient sound ability
  • PTT (Push to Talk) features
  • wireless capabilities between headset and adaptor

With so many special features, you will certainly find the electronic hearing protection you've been looking for. Peltor electronic headsets meet the needs of hunters, military and law enforcement personnel, and anyone who works in loud environments.

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