MCR Safety - DSM Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2

MCR Safety Memphis Diamond Tech 2 9672DT2 Cut Resistant Glove
MCR Safety - DSM Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2 Glove
MCR Safety Memphis Diamond Tech 2 9672DT2 Cut Resistant Glove
DSM Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than surgical steel and features excellent abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and comfort.
DSM Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2 Glove
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Product Description:

A lightweight, breathable glove that’s nearly impossible to tear and offers excellent cut and abrasion protection, exhaustively tested by workers just like you. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, that’s what MCR Safety has accomplished with the Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2.

What’s Dyneema®? Marketing itself as “the world’s strongest fiber™” (yes, they trademarked the phrase), Dyneema® leads the industry in what’s known as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE), an absurdly strong synthetic polymer that can be used in ropes, nets, chains, armor, gloves, and much more. Dyneema® is produced by the Dutch state-sponsored coal-mining initiative turned global science conglomerate DSM, where Harm van der Werff and his brilliant team have been refining their formula into something extraordinary.

What’s so special about it? Listen to this: “DSM Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than surgical steel.” Those are their words. It seems like a cartoonishly exaggerated claim; how are we supposed to conceptualize how strong surgical steel is in the first place? Regardless, the claim is public and it can’t be denied that the Diamond Tech 2 is an extremely impressive glove. The DSM team has taken great care to work directly with the kinds of workers who will be using the glove, testing them in real-life scenarios and incorporating the workers’ feedback into their research.

With the Diamond Tech 2, you get the best of a few worlds. It boasts ANSI protection scores of 2 for cuts and 3 for abrasion, yet your skin is visible between the fibers. The 18-gauge Dyneema® shell is advanced enough that you don’t have to sacrifice breathability for top-tier protection. The gray polyurethane coating on the palm and forefingers provides the typical abrasion resistance one would expect, but Dyneema® is right underneath it, so it has that extra edge over most other gloves.

If you’re looking for protection and comfort that seems too good to be true, the Diamond Tech 2 should be at the top of your list. Comes in sizes small through double extra-large. Ideal for construction, demolition, salvage, janitorial, carpentry, automotive assembly, recycling, and material handling.

Key Features:

  • 18 Gauge Dyneema® Diamond Tech 2 Shell
  • Breathable shell for maximum comfort
  • Gray PU coating
  • Color coded hem sizing for easy identification
  • ANSI Cut 2
  • Cool, Comfortable
  • CE Score 2142


Assembly Line Production, Automotive Assembly, Carpentry, Construction, Demolition, Glass handling, Janitorial , Material Handling, Recycling, Salvage

Technical Data:

Material Group: Synthetic

Product Type: Cut Protection

Size: Small to XXL

Gauge: 18 Gauge

Material: Dyneema®

Features: Sold as Pair

EN 388 : CE Score - Abrasion: 2

EN 388 : CE Score - Cut: 1

EN 388 : CE Score - Tear: 4

EN 388 : CE Score - Puncture: 2



MCR Safety - Glove Dimension

SMALL SIZE : A: 9.05   B: 4.24   C: 2.36

MEDIUM SIZE : A: 9.64   B: 5.04   C: 2.36

LARGE SIZE : A: 9.85   B: 5.24   C: 2.56

X-LARGE SIZE : A: 10.44   B: 5.44   C: 2.56

XX-LARGE SIZE: A: 11.02   B: 5.64   C: 2.95

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