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Pelican Cases are known world wide as the ultimate solution for equipment protection. Pelican Cases offer a variety of products to suit any situation, including iPhone Cases, Camera Cases, Laptop Cases, all the way up to military-grade Gun and Rifle Cases. A Pelican case is stronger by design, using a Copolymer Polypropylene open cell core and solid wall construction that makes them crush proof, water resistant, and virtually indestructible! Trust Pelican Cases to keep your valuables safe.

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  1. Pelican SC48 Soft Cooler


  2. Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler


  3. Pelican 70QT Elite Cooler


  4. Pelican 50QT Elite Cooler


  5. Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler


  6. Pelican 7600, 3-Color LED Li-Ion Rechargeable

    SKU: PEP076000-0000-110

  7. Pelican - 1630 Transport Case

    SKU: PEP1630-000-110

  8. Pelican - 7060 LED Flashlight

    SKU: PEP7060-051-110

  9. Pelican - 9430 LED Remote Area Light

    SKU: PEP094300-0001-245

  10. Pelican - 1720 Long Case

    SKU: PEP1720-000-110

  11. Pelican 7100, LED Li-Ion Rechargeable

    SKU: PEP071000-0000-110

  12. Pelican 1750 Long Case | 1750-000-110

    SKU: PEP1750-000-110

  13. Pelican 1750 Long Case | 1750-001-110

    SKU: PEP1750-001-110

  14. Pelican 8060 LED Flashlight | 8060-041-110

    SKU: PEP8060-041-110

  15. Pelican 1460EMS Case Orange | 1460-005-150

    SKU: PEP1460-005-150

  16. Pelican Protector 1550 Case | 1550-000-110

    SKU: PEP1550-000-110

  17. Pelican 0450 Protector Mobile Tool Chest | 0450-015-110

    SKU: PEP0450-015-110

  18. Pelican 7110 Tactical Flashlight | 070000-0001-110

    SKU: PEP070000-0001-110

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When it comes to protecting valuable equipment, Pelican is one of the most trusted brands on the market. Pelican offers a variety of specialized cases that can protect iPhones, cameras, laptops, all the way up to military-grade guns and rifles. A Pelican case is stronger by design, with famously durable solid walls that are crush-proof, water-resistant, and virtually indestructible. Inside the items are cushioned and protected by pads of copolymer polypropylene open-cell foam. Pelican cases are a surefire solution to protect your belongings, even in punishing environmental conditions.
Here's what our customers have to say about their Pelican Case:

"I love my Pelican Memory Card Case because it doesn't just store my memory sticks and cards, it protects them from damage as well. I can keep the case in my camera bag, or even my purse, and know that my SD cards are safe!" - Sarah Burns, Photographer, St. Paul MN

 "I'm really tough on cell phones (I've broken 3 of them in a year and a half). I'm a college student, I can't afford to keep replacing phones. That's why I bought the Pelican iPhone Case. With my iPhone in a Pelican Case, I just toss it in my backpack and go! I don't have to worry about it getting scratched or dropped or crushed. Awesome product!" - Josh Whitley, Sophomore, UCLA

 "As a reporter, I have to go where the story is. My laptop is often my only lifeline to relay breaking news, so I need to make sure it's protected in harsh environments. That's why I chose a Pelican Case. Thanks to my Pelican Laptop Case, my laptop has survived hurricanes in the US, earthquakes in Japan, and riots in Egypt. I never travel without it." - Ted, New York City

"When I go hunting, the first thing I load is my Pelican Rifle Case!  I use it to hold my Remington and some spare cartridges. It's super-strong, watertight, and I like the fact that it has two slots for padlocks. The soft foam on the inside keeps the scope from getting scratched or banged up. These cases are kind of expensive, but you get what you pay for. And they're definitely cheaper than a new rifle!" - Nathaniel, Billings MT

"During my second tour in Iraq, I watched our supply truck get hit by an IED (improvised explosive device). Fortunately, no one was in the truck at the time. But the truck and its contents were completely destroyed - all except for the Pelican Transport Case in the back. My squad leader was able to open the case easily, and we were all amazed to see that the contents inside completely untouched." - W. Gonzales

“The Pelican LED Tactical Flashlight is a remarkable product, it’s helped me immensely during my late-night operations. It’s survived being dropped more times than I can count, and the settings are very helpful.” - Erica Morgan, First Responder, Kansas City
“I’m traveling with sensitive equipment all the time, going to locations where the conditions can vary wildly. The Pelican Transport Case has been indispensable in keeping all of my stuff sorted and safe. The purge valve is great for dealing with pressure changes at altitude.” - Jordan, Nature Photographer, Philadelphia
“Thanks to the Pelican LED Light, I have easy control over what I see when I’m on the job. The dual switches make it simple to maneuver, and the light weight lets me hold it for a long time.” - Lance, Plumber, Rochester NY
“You never know when you’ll get a call, and the Pelican Remote Area Light is an awesome piece of equipment for when we go out at night. We’ve never had to be out in a remote site for 15 hours, thankfully, but it’s a relief to know this light can last that long.” - Pedro, First Responder, Detroit
“Traveling with my pieces has always been a hassle, but now it’s a breeze thanks to the Pelican Rifle Case. Keeps everything safe and sealed in difficult weather, and the pressure release valve comes in handy when I’m out hunting.” - Mark, Sport Shooter, Eugene OR
“Incredible, consistent light for my work. I spend long hours out in the dark so it’s essential to have a flashlight that won’t give out, and the Pelican 8060 delivers!” - Ferris Moore, Security Guard, Reno NV
“A fantastic cooler, the 70QT Elite is exactly what I needed for my camping needs. It’s astonishingly durable and useful, and I expect to use it for many years to come.” - James Davis, Outdoorsman, Baker CA
“I travel to studios all over the world, and the Pelican Case 1550 has been perfect for keeping my equipment safe. The customizable foam is astonishingly convenient. I really can’t live without this case.” - Jason, Sound Engineer, Brooklyn
“Opening up the Pelican Tool Chest for the first time put a huge smile on my face. I felt like a kid again! There’s room for everything I could posibly need, in a travel-friendly case I can take anywhere. Amazing.” - Demi Ray, Mechanic, Tulsa OK
“The Pelican 50QT Elite Cooler is a serious game-changer. I do high-stakes recovery missions in harsh conditions, so it’s important to have consistent access to supplies. The Elite has survived everything me and my team have put it through.” - Gerry, Special Operative, Madison WI
“In the swamps it’s important to keep your pieces protected, and the Pelican 1700 Rifle Case has been perfect for storing my firearms in the humid environment. It’s a great deal for a great product that keeps my guns in crisp condition.” - Alice, Maurepas LA
“Excellent case for travel, the Pelican 1660 has been a trusty companion on my tours around the country. Highly recommended!” - Bill Alex, Businessman, Los Angeles
“I’m a hardcore camping nut, so the Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler has been a real godsend. The basic functionality is as good as it gets, and it’s accompanied me on countless adventures.” - Terrence Pym, Outdoorsman, Sacramento CA
“The Pelican Case 1650 is a dream come true. I’m regularly shooting at high altitudes, so being able to control the pressure is totally necessary to keep everything in working order.” - Denise, Travel Photographer, New Haven CT
“My crew swears by Pelican, and so do I. Their 1620 Case is fantastic and versatile when it come to transporting our set-up.” - Martin, Touring DJ, San Francisco
“The convenience and utility of the Pelican Case 1730 is truly unreal. The intuitiveness of the customizable foam interior is so great and opens up a ton of possibilities. Fantastic product and company.” - Bill Hallman, Team Manager, Brooklyn
“My equipment is too valuable to risk, and the Pelican Case 1450 is an amazing option for keeping everything safe. I can even change the pressure inside when I’m on the plane! Pelican rocks!” - Seb Stevens, Computer Scientist, San Francisco

Pelican Products manufactures waterproof Pelican Cases by using a polymer o-ring inside the tongue-and-groove fit of the case and lid. An Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve releases any built-up air pressure, creating an easy to open sealed compartment. All Pelican Case products are available with foam that can be customized to fit any device or equipment you choose to store and protect. Be sure to see the Pelican Cases torture test video.


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